Universal Studios and Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant 四川豆花饭荘 @ ParkRoyal, Singapore

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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Universal Studios was part of the itinerary during my recent visit to Singapore..huraahhhhh

Go through the  gates

The ticket checkpoint

During the day of our visit, the weather wasn’t very cooperative and interestingly the rain didn’t seem to dampen the visitors, the rides were still packed and the screams didn’t stop.  

At each attraction, a ‘waiting time’ will be displayed, this can be 5 minutes ( or less)  and the longest queue that I saw was for Transformers-The ride, which was 2 hours 10 minutes – and yet people were waiting in line. SK had the foresight ( oh..such a wise brother) to purchase ‘express tickets’ ( pay an extra $30 – 50 depending on peak / non peak days) which allow the ticket holder to go on express lanes and cut the waiting time from 2 hours down to 20 minutes or less . if you plan to try most of the rides I would recommend to consider purchasing these express tickets .. My favourite rides: Battlestar Galactica: Cylon – suspended coaster – was absolutely amazing,  Revenge of the Mummy – riding a roller coaster in the dark..wooweee…and The Transformers was so realisticly cool . The kiddy friendly rides like Madagascar-Crate adventure , Shrek 4-D adventure were very enjoyable too..I loveeeee Universal Studios..People got Universal Studio..we got what err..– Legoland ? haha…too early for me to say, Legoland maybe three times the fun…hor ? My dog eared copy of the U.Studio map..An adult ( aged 13-64)  day pass costs $ 68 , for  a child :  $50 and for seniors (> 65), you pay  $32. for more details please click here  . Ok, I will stop blabbering about Universal Studio and talk about food..

It was BB’s treat and a table was reserved at Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant, ParkRoyal, the journey itself was interesting as we weaved our way through Serangoon Road( aka Little India) and felt like we were suddenly transported from Singapore to another country. We saw the infamous Mustafa shopping mart wow..amazing…with over 150,000 items what do they not have under the Mustafa marts ?  http://www.mustafa.com.sg/index.asp

Si Chuan Dou Hua setting was elegant and cozy. The restaurant serves Si Chuan, Cantonese and Hunan cuisine In chinese  豆花 could be tau fu farr ( soya bean curd) or flower of a bean plant ,I thought that the restaurant had an interesting name and wanted to know more, so I asked the fella who took our order  ( not sure if he was the captain ?) , does Dou Hua has any special meaning ? He replied he doesn’t know and left it at that…oops.

There was a tea pourer who wowed us with his tea pouring skills using a kettle with a one meter long spout.We selected out own bowl of soup, mine was soup with dried snail meat and this was  tasty. Each bowl of soup cost $10.

The roasted pork was average, I find the meat a bit dry and the taste not very flavourful, it lack the fizzle and umppp of roasted pork. I would also preferred it if the dish was a bit more warmer that what it was, maybe the cold air somewhat made the dish cool faster..

 Asparagus with scallops- the asparagus was tender yet crunchy and the scallops were fresh,  sweet and was thick enough to let the flavour linger a bit longer yumyum..i liked this.

Fried French beans – the French beans were soft and the taste was just nice, i thought this was like homecooked style rather than restaurant standard though..

Crispy Gua ba (脆皮锅巴) with fish , this dish is a combination of  crispy rice  and fish with gravy.The way to eat this is to scooped the fish plus gravy into a bowl and then soak/dip the rice crispies into the gravy. The gravy was sourish – probably from vinegar,  the taste was interesting but sadly it  does not agree with me, or maybe it was me being in a disagreeable mode. I just didn’t get it, maybe it was a bit too different from the range of my limited palate guarr. After finishing what was on my plate, I declined a refill but  preferred to munch on the rice crispies san fish and so did mum. My niece liked it thoughAfter settling the bill, we were given a packet of Eight Treasures Tea 八宝茶 and some fortune cookies to take home . Thank you BB and SIL for the treat.

 PARKROYAL on Beach Road
7500 Beach Road,Singapore199591
Operating hours : 12:00 noon to 2:30 pm ; 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm
Tel :  +65 6505 5722
A Chistmas tree made with  (recycled?)  water containers was at the lobby of the hotel

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