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To honour Mum’s  visit to Singapore, SK had invited a few close relatives for a lunch get together  at  Asia Grand Restaurant, Asia Grand  is said to be one of the most popular restaurant in town for dimsum .. While SK concentrate on the important task of discussing the menu with the captain,  greetings and gossips were exchanged as old acquaintances get reacquainted and new acquaintances get acquainted..

When the first dish arrived,  yours truly faced a dilemma – should I put my finger on the lazy Susan and summon the dish for a photo ? might seemed a bit rude guar, as the elders should be expecting to be served first and this no-manners brat from KL get the plate of roasted pork and BBQ pork in front of her face ! This long tale just to explain why what you see below is not the big picture but the pieces on my plate. Haha..  anyway, the Roasted pork wasn’t too fat but fat enough to have that lubricating effect but not too fat to evoke the guilty feeling that you are eating too much fat. Crispy skin, slightly salty meat….good lah . The BBQ pork ( char siu) was tender, fragrant , not too fat, not too lean , plus the tasty sweetish gooey  thick sauce ..ahh..also good lah..

Next up …Oysters, by this time, I had gotten over the stage fright and had my fingers ready to be in control of the lazy Susan., although there were lots of garnishings that came with the gigantic steamed oysters – spring onions, garlic, bit of chili, ginger, parsley, the oyster-ish flavour managed to came though and  the taste was ok but I must say that eating oysters is an acquired taste. This was the first time my niece got to eat an oyster and she was spending ages chewing that fella and from her expression and the way the jaw was working- I could read that she was considering the possibility of spitting it out, so  the wise auntie had to impart a few enllightening words into her ears ‘ oysters hor, very expensive one, don’t even think about spitting it out, don’t chew anymore one ..just swallow it la..’ , so she did, Bravo..and swore herself off oysters for the rest of her life..we will see about that , let the WWW be my witness !

Tofu with mushrooms-  the tofu had soaked in all the flavours from the gravy and the mushroom, the texture was soft yet firm. This is good tofu ..i likeyyyy 

 Crispy roasted chicken – this was one memorable chicken ! The skin were crispy and the tasty meat just seemed to slip off the bones . The kids worked hard to convey their cuteness to the adults for extra share of the crispy chicken skin. There were a few whines as well, just in case the cuteness strategy didn’t work. Probably could rank as one of the best chicken in the galaxy

Steamed crab…we saw this fella a few minutes ago in his/her glass compartment when we were making our way to our table..that is probably why Nike told us ‘ Life is short, play hard’, here today, gone tomorrow…. SK outdone himself-  the crab was oh so gigantic.  This simple way of cooking brought out the sweetness and freshness of the crab who didn’t die in vain. ( will I say that same if I was the one in the steamer / wok ? )

 Then we were served the broth from the steamed crab, with  a dash of Chinese wine. Oh la- la..Mum used to steam crabs and it has been sometime since  I had this wonderfully tasty steamed crab ‘soup…mama mia..wonderful..

Next up was part 3/3 of the crab….the fried ‘legs’ of the crabs. Alamak..this crab was so enormous that even the ‘legs’ had more meat that the normal sized crab craws. The seasoning was subtle yet effective. The texture of the meat from the legs was firmer that the earlier steamed version of the ‘body’ part of the crab. This was very good

 There were some fried ‘dou miau’ but I missed the opportunity  to take a picture as I was too busy dissecting the wonderful crab, take my word for it, the vegetables were great. I should probably mention the sambal belacan, which  was very addictive, bearably level of spiciness lotsa dried prawns..yummy sambal belacan part of the Cantonese cuisine..? I dunno…pix below of sambal belacan and french beans with minced meat – which was tasty too.

The next and last dish was waxed meat rice, the aroma of waxed meat rice is just so good la…so Chinese-new-year-ish. Exquisite. Below are the waxed meat in our rice..chinese sausage, liver sausage ( my favourite), waxed meat, waxed duck, the works !

After the claypot had been scrapped of the rice. You are left with burnt bits in the pot, this won’t go to waste …

Pour some broth into the claypot…boil the contents for a bit..

Voila..burnt rice broth. The broth was slightly over salty..but the burnt carbon-y flavour of the rice was yummy…

The meal above ( for 15 pax) plus drinks came to ~ S$950..

Overall, a very enjoyable meal..Thanks you again SK and family for that scrumptious treat

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