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The next day started bright and early…and maybe a bit too early for some of us…We had breakfast at Chinatown,there were so many stalls at the food court ! 

An banner at the market place , i wish we could say that we have  ‘low crime’  in Malaysia too… 

We did a bit of walking , these shoplots remind me of Penang…

An interesting shop selling offerings for the departed…look closely at the displays

In case you didn’t spot them, please have a look at the picture below, square : set of dentures ( first time I am seeing these!) and dental care; circle : hair dryer, shaver, hair cream, perfume, soaps and stuff ; diamond : iPad

 Then we reach Sago Lane, which has a morbid history – ‘Death houses once lined  both side of Sago Lane. A death house was literally where the poor came to die…’You can read up about Chinatownby clicking here

 Along South Bridge Road, between Sago Lane and Sago Street is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

You can read more about the temple by clicking here . And according to the website : the ground breaking of the temple was on 13 March 2005 and completed in 2007. Extract : The temple was built to house relics of the Buddha which were presented to the Ven. Shi Fa Zhao, when he and an entourage was on a pilgrimage in Sri Lankain March 1992. The handing over of the relics was presided by Sri Lankan President, Ranasinghe Premadasa.

The design of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple was conceptualised by the Ven. Shi Fa Zhao, with help from local and foreign consultants. The idea was to create a temple that follows Tang Dynasty architectural style, and incorporating the concept of the Mandala, or Buddhist universe.

Ground breaking of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple took place on 13 March, 2005. The temple, which has five levels and a basement, cost about S$60 million and was completed in early 2007. The temple is dedicated to the Maitreya Buddha, that is to say, the Buddha of the Future. The most significant feature of the temple is the two-meter solid gold stupa.

At the courtyard  was a large incense pot …

And a garang-looking guard

The Tang dynasty architectural style

The main shrine is the ‘ 100 Dragon Hall’ with the Maitreya Buddha taking centre stage

 Behind the Dragon Hall is another hall , dedicated to Kuan Yin

 The third floor housed Buddhist artifacts from all over the world

If I remember correctly, this was from IndiaA cute looking lion….

Sign at the Ladies, so cute one…

 For the musically inclinedMy favourite exhibitPeace


Footprints cast in stone

Official website

Admission to the temple is free, operating hours 7 a.m – 7 p.m.