Singapore Flyer and Sin Huat Eating House新發餐廳@ Singapore

Posted: January 10, 2012 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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The last time I stepped foot on the republic down south was when..err..when ah ? a very long time when was probably more than 10 years ago because I have at least changed two passports since my last trip. We flew via Tiger Airways, which during the time of booking – was the airlines with the most reasonably priced tickets from KL toSingapore, check it out  by clicking here 

The first touristy thing on our itinerary was the Singapore Flyer – with the tagline : World’s largest giant observation wheel. The Flyer is 165 meter above the city and each ‘ capsule ‘ can take up to 24 pax. That day must have been  a not too busy day, so they allowed  12 to a carriage  and then wheeee…no, there were no swoooshh..everything was smooth , stable and safe..Inside the capsule are leaflets with a map of what one would see as one ascend into the blue picture below is Marina Bay Sands and part of the Kepple Harbour.From 165 feet above, the Merlion was just a tiny speck..ah…There are also capsules that serves meals : a four course menu complete with a butler, the diners get 2 rotations on the Flyer .  In the pix below you can see the dining capsule with the tables set with white and yellow table cloth . To read more about  The Flyer , click here

After we get off from our carriage ( yes, I felt a bit wobbly for a few minutes) we walked around the area and saw /heard a  carolling group . And it’s a sign of the times really – if you look at the picture below :  top row , third guy from the left and bottom row second guy from the right – both are readingfrom their iPad..

 After The Flyer, we decided to go for an early dinner at Sin Huat Eating House. Extracted from Lonely Planet  : Lonely Planet review for Sin Huat Eating House : The best seafood inSingapore, or a victim of its own fame? Famous food writers have come here in legions and declared Chef Danny’s crab bee hoon to be one of the greatest dishes on earth. Inevitably, it’s very expensive, usually busy, and service notoriously rude, but as much as you’re itching to criticise it, the food is fantastic.

Sin Huat is included in Anthony Bourdain’s list of  “13 Places To Eat Before You Die” for Men’s Health magazine. With that sort of review…wow..i can’t wait… Sin Huat is at the junction of Lorong 35 GeylangWe arrived at Sim Huat at about 6:15 and they only start the wok at 6:30pm, so we sat and finished the peanuts. A kungfu club ( or something to that affect) across the road emitted beats from drums and gongs that sounded like they were practicing the lion dance, this made the environment rather festive as I associate lion dance with Chinese new year. We also got to watch the chicken rice stall fella scraping his chopping board clean with a big chopping knife..Finally , it was 6:30 and Ms Boss came to our table and took our orders.  According to our host ( my brother – henceforth known as SK )  , the Chef – Danny Lee is a dedicated cook and a no nonsense guy , he will be upset if you order something not suitable. I hope SK ordered the correct dishes as I do not want to offend the chef.

First up was scallops, ohgoshh…I can’t help but smile when this dish arrive, I think scallops make people happy..don’t they look like a bunch of happy scallops to you ? The scallops were bathed in thick bean sauce and tons of garlic . The scallops were fresh succulent , sweet and happy , the sauce were slightly sweetish and worked well with the potent sting of the garlic. I think happy scallops make people happy..The happy scallops were followed by a plate of stir fried kailan in oyster sauce. When this dish came, SK mumbled – eh, we didn’t order this, Danny must have added this dish as we didn’t have any vegetables in the order.  The kailan were crunchy and tender, the wok-power commendable, simple dish and taste wise yummy. The best-est measure was probably this – my niece who only eats 3 kinds of greens was asking for seconds.Steamed Sea snails , another old friend, I thought I can only see them in East Malaysia, another dish that made me very happy. SK called these GongGong. My niece who hadn’t had these before was a real trouper, digging into the crevice with a toothpick and didn’t even wince when the curly worly bits came out. I think Mum was a bit apprehensive about it but still tried one but didn’t quite like it. Bowls of dipping sauce were provided with the snails, I find the sauce  rather spicy and pungent and preferred the snails without the dip which allow me to savor the unhidden  flavour of the snails

Next was the ‘paddy field chicken’ , I was too slow ( after eating the snails, what could one expect ?) and missed the opportunity to take a picture of the 2 bottles of Brand Chicken essence that came with the plate of frog meat , the chicken essence were then poured onto the meat. Tasting time. The meat were tender and sweet, the ‘soup’ didn’t have that ‘fishy ‘ taste of  Brands but were more salty and tastier. Interesting..the kids were coaxed into trying this by saying that it was chicken meat  but I think they got a bit confused later when we talked about the chicken being frogs..Next up..steamed lobsters..i don’t know how the Chef does it, but the lobsters too,  looked happy. This pair look like they are swimming in a bed of garlic, ginger and spring onions  to a party somewhere…take note of the amount of garnishingsThe lobster was smooth, sweet  and yumyum..the pair were very meaty as wellSteamed fish…can you just look at the amount of spring onions on that fish ? it looks like a wig. The fish was steamed just right, the gravy was basic and allowed the freshness and the sweetness of the fish to shine through..another winner !And Tan tann taaaraa..the signature dish of Sin Huat..crab beehoon..ohgosshhhh..i think there were more crab than beehoon ! This was obscenely generous ! The beehoon were soaked with the gravy and goodness of the gigantic crabs.  The beehoon had the smoky , salty crab taste to it which was superb. The crabs were fresh and sweet. We had too much to eat and couldn’t finish the dish, so we asked for these to be packed. SK said that the crabs and the beehoon will taste even better overnight !The tables were being cleared while we were waiting for the bill and also for the doggie bag and  then  Ms Boss came to our table and said that Danny noticed that there were still a lot of meat in the hard to reach places in the lobsters and so he cut up the lobsters so that we could clean up the rest of the lobster meat. These were then packed for us to take home as well. I am impressed ! What a dedicated Chef.

Thanks SK & family for the wonderful meal and let you in on mum’s secret…mum cheated, she didn’t swallow the frog … The above meal for 8 of us costs S$550…

Overall, a delicious feast.  Now I have 12 other places left to eat before I expire..


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    what’s price with those dishes ?

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