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We were about 120km out from Ho Chi Minh City, completed discussion with a customer and weren’t invited to lunch, so we were pretty much on our own at 2:30pm with our stomach needed refueling very badly, we drove up and down the road- it was an outskirt area, so there weren’t any shops ( and not many humans too) along the way and I guess our host must have remembered something for suddenly we drove into small junction to an unpaved road  and hurahh….we saw an opening with an attap-ed structure

When we came down from the car, we disturbed the peaceful rest of the three ladies who were having a nap on the hammocks. By the time we reached the shop, they had taken position in the kitchen area. Mr Host immediately took charged and discussed our meal with the ladies, while  the rest of us had something more important to do – like  to stuff our tummy with junk food :  I tried a local soft drink ‘ Lift’  – lemon soda which tasted kinda  like sprite… the chips were great too, we had 2 packets of theseFeeling energized after some chips and Lift, I walked around the place, hey. We are actually amongst rubbertrees,  all the trees have that cup thingy attached to the trunk to collect the latex. Below is a picture of our ‘restaurant’Mr Host had asked them to cooked some noodles quickly and then to follow up with the other dishes. All of us agreed  that these were really tasty noodles (also note that we were extremely hungry). The noodles used were instant noodles, the texture was springy and nice. There were plenty of vegetables and beef slices in the noodles, beef were yummy, vegetable were yummy, I think if we had tried- the plate might have tasted good too !While we were enjoying our meal, we were ‘entertained’ by the neighbour, the house beside the restaurant was generating some rather unpleasant sounds : that came in the form of bad karaoke, and it was not modern type of songs but sounded  like a kind of opera-ish with male and female roles, it just went on and on…i thought that a picture of the dining area would help you get an idea ofthe simple and cozy atmosphere ,  the below was taken after we finished the noodles and while waiting  for the next dish, note the low chair and the dog. (as usual) I had to do a pumpkin head for everyone Next up, stir fried beef with vegetable- the beef slices came with cauliflower, celery and basil, the beer slices were tender, not really marinated so , taste wise very basic but that brought up the aroma of the beef- Another winner !This following dish has a sad tale…. – this unsuspecting chicken was happily frolicking under the rubber trees just 10 minutes ago. Yes, we even saw one of the ladies going after it….. Anyway,I would like to think that it was sacrificed for a good cause . Steamed chicken -, the meat was a bit tough probably because it was lean and not with much (any) but this was probably the freshest chicken I have eaten. We were told to try the dip- which was pepper and salt – eh, it works really well with the chicken.Next came the soup, made with the chicken ‘leftovers’ – part of the wings, neck, blood etc . The soup was typical Vietnamese sour soup, the sourness was from the leaves used and there were also bits of chili in it, so when we tasted it-it was sour, slightly spicy and steamingly hot, this was very different  from the Chinese style of soup and I needed a bit of getting use to, but after 3 spoonful –  I must say, this was tasty, I could get use to this !Overall, an enjoyable meal- we agreed that the simple meal was better than some of the meals we have had at restaurants, I guess the freshness of the food does make a difference to the dishes . The meal cost about RM70, which was not that cheap too horr ? we should have been given a discount for having to tolerate the karaoke !