Muse @ Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

Posted: December 12, 2011 in @Petaling Street
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Another meal from the Groupon stable ..haha.. the deal was for ‘ Italian Pizza and Pasta Dinner for two, for RM28 instead of RM75.90. Details of the deal from Groupon : Met up with Chunny on a Friday night for our Groupon meal at Muse which is a restaurant, bar and club .This was my first trip to Jaya One, we had to pusing-pusing a few rounds at the parking area before finally managing to get a spot to deposit the car for a few hours. Jaya One seemed a pretty happening place especially on a Friday night.. I was lucky that Chunny seemed to know her way around Jaya One, if I was to be the navigator then um..we might end up having breakfast the next day ( or the following week) instead.

Muse setting is cozy, paintings ( for sale) adorn the walls, and there was a restaurant area and then another area catering for drinks with a  pool table. At the eating area, we sat on the transparent chairs which  wasn’t that comfy after a while. I find the tables were a bit too close to each other so one might have to lower one’s tone when discussing  about stock options, spouses/ in-laws, malfunctioned body parts and other more personal matters. Upon closer inspection , we realised the drawing that we faced ( as shown below) is actually rather cheeky one lorrr.

 For drinks-which were not part of the Groupon deal,  I had the Muse Punch RM10 and Chunny had the Pussyfoot (RM9)

 Soup of the day was pumpkin soup- the soup came in gigantic saucers, gigantic circumference I must add,  but the part that acts as the ‘bowl’ is probably the normal size of a soup bowl. The soup was not bad, smooth and tasty.

Seafood Aglio Olio – the pasta  was angel hair . This was interesting as it tasted very local-like .  I find this light and tasty  , not heavy and overpowering like some pasta where one get a bit jelak after a few spoonful.  Frankly, if I was blindfolded and tried  this, I might say that this was tomyam flavoured meehoon, there were ample of prawns, squids and mussels in the dish. I did a search to find out what is Aglio Olio :  Aglio means garlic and Olio means oil, there you have it, the two main ingredients for aglio olio ! This version is also said to be the simplest to pasta to prepare as it doesn’t involve too many ingredients. The Groupon deal was for an 8” Chicken triple crown pizza but as we were feeling rather malnutritioned when we were ordering, we were enticed by the waitress to top up another RM8 to  add another four inches to the diameter of the pizza. Eh…that got me thinking, in countries that use the metric system- do they also order their pizza by the inches or centimeters ? The triple crown pizza turn out to be the thin crust type and for the toppings we had  three different styles of chicken, olives , pineapple and mushroom. At one point of time, where there seemed to be still a large number of pizza slices on the plate and we were starting to feel some fullness around the middle –  we wondered aloud that maybe we should have just stuck with the 8” instead, anyway, waste not, want not, we finished the pizza . This was pretty enjoyable  pizza .Overall, an enjoyable meal at Muse.

L-16-G-2, Palm Square, Jaya One,
No.72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200 P.Jaya
Tel: 79544099

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