Pondok Selasih @ Tangerang, Indonesia

Posted: December 8, 2011 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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We head towards Flavour Bliss again for my last meal (for this short trip) inIndonesia. We stopped by Pondok Selasih , with the tagline : Selera Indonesia Sejati

We were extra hungry and while looking through the menu and deciding what we are going to have for lunch, we open the packet of curly worly chips- which according to Pak Host is a chips made of fish ( like our keropok but in a different shape) 

For drinks, I decide to try out the Es Pulau Jawa ( Rp 15,000) – which is in concept like ABC but this came with mango juice, avocado, jackfruit, mango, ketan item ( I dunno how to translate this) and tapai ( fermented tapioca) . It was delicious ( and ultra sweet) , there are other versions too ; like Es Pulau Seribu which has sirsak juice, nata de coco, pineapple, red beans, avocado and jackfruit) or Es Pulau Sumatra with avocado juice, jackfruit, tapai and sirsak or Es Tropika with orange, mango, papaya and pineapple) oh, one more , Es Bali : red guave juice, avocado, jackfruit, young coconut, cincau and nata de coco.We had some corn fritters, which had a bit of sweetish flavour from the corn , to me this was more like a finger food thingy , but this was rather nice and went well with rice too.Udang goreng tepong / prawns in batter (Rp 32,000), like a tempura thing but the batter was more tasty ,  crispy and not as light as tempura flour, the prawns were juicy and fresh , this was very nice and I almost forgot my quota of 1 prawn/ meal..which meant : I completely ignored my prawn quota.Gurame telur asin : Gurame in salted egg ( Rp 49,000)  : imagine chunky deep fried fish fillet coated with  salted egg, my mouth waters thinking about this dish that we had. The fish was fresh and the salted egg coating just make the fish so much much more delicious. I likeeyKaredok , this was a raw vegetable salad , the peanut sauce had a rather heavy pungent taste which was a bit strong for me lah. According to Wikipedia : this is a signature Sudanese dish and it’s very similar to gado-gado, except all the vegetables are raw, while most of gado-gado vegetables are boiled Genjer in sambal – the vegetable is genjer- I don’t think I have ever tried this vegetable before, it looked something like chives but it was thicker and had more texture to it and also doesn’t come with that strong chives flavour, this was rather nice. Oh…found out from the Indonesia version of Wikipedia that this is a widely found at the padi fields  or shallow water. This is the source of vegetable for the poor, other names  are :  limnocharis, sawah-flower rush, sawah-lettuce, velvetleaf, yellow bur-head or cebolla de chucho. And from the pictures- genjer doesn’t look like chives lahh, more like water hyacinth Pak T must have missed his soup for he requested for Sup buntut ( Rp 34,000) , this was very rich with flavours of the spices and the moomoo, a bit too strong for me and kinda salty. Pak T seemed to enjoy this a lot and keep on saying that the sup is  good.

 Overall, an enjoyable meal, there was a bit of a ‘fight’ over who was paying the bill, Pak T won- must be the power of the sup buntut.

 Location :
Flavour Bliss II No.5,
Alam Sutera, Tangerang
Tel : 2900 5062/63
  1. Sumptuous® says:

    The “butt” soup looks good! Is it what we called sup ekor here? Btw, you might wanna check out golden sun for your reunion? They have their promos on their website. Check it out!

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Yup AhSumpt, similar to sup ekor. Golden Sun hor..ok, will check it out. Anyone out there an recommend a nice place for CNY Reunion dinner ?

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