Eastern Kopitiam @ Serpong, Tangerang

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Glorious Food Elsewhere

Flavour Bliss Alam Sutera  is  a place where you can find loads of restaurants / eateries . Opposite is a shopping area and a very very gigantic Ace Hardware outlet which not just sell hardware ( like what I see inMalaysiaandPhilippines) , but everything you would need in the house  ( and possibly out of the house) including cooking utensils, things for the bedroom , decorative items etc

Eastern Kopitiam serves : Toast ( with kaya, cheese, peanut butter, strawberry etc ) , Nasi BBQ ( chicken (roast or steamed) rice, roast duck etc ) , New Asian favourites ( fried meehoon, noodles, koayteow, nasi lemak,fried raddish cake. Pad Thai,LaksaSingaporeetc), Bakmie ( bakso, koayteow, noodles etc )  , BBQ ( roast duck, roast chicken etc),  dimsum ( Siomay, Hakau, lo mai kai, bakpau tausar ( red bean paste pau) etc ) and a variety of beverages..i thought some of you might be interested to have a look at the list , so I nicked an order form.

 Bebek panggang ( roast duck) – this came with sweet sauce – like the sauce you get with Peking duck. This was nice, the duck skin was crispy and the meat was tender , and the sauce was yummy..i likeyyy

Bakmie goreng with seafood – this was fried dry style and came with generous amounts of seafood, taste food too !

 Nasi goreng ( fried rice) – kinda like the yongchow fried rice we get back in KL. Not bad lahh

Lumpia udang kulit tahu – soysheets spring rolls with prawns- to me horr , things that are deep fried always have an unfair advantage because most food taste good when they are deep fried. Including these spring rolls, the prawns fillings were abundant too.

Baby kailan with oyster sauce – the kailan was cooked just nice and complimented very well by the oyster sauce

Hakau – the skin was a bit sticky and thick but luckily this was saved by the prawns which were fresh and sweet

 After all the above dishes, we were already feeling very filing, but Mr Host was again looking at the list and wanted to order some more dishes, we decided to just go for one last order- Durian pancake. The skin was thin but hard and doesn’t blend with the gooey custard inside, and sadly, the durian filing was a disappointment too..the durian aroma was missing, it was like a watered down durianOverall, an interesting and I would say rather enjoyable meal..

We loiter around the area for a bit ( and the guys need to smoke after the meal), there was a stage and according to Pak Host, there are performances every night from a variety of bands – sponsored by the big tobacco companies

 Address :
Flavour Bliss Alam Sutera, Jl Alam Sutera,
Boulevard Kav VI, Lot 5 Serpong Tangerang, Banten,
Serpong, Tangerang

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