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Posted: November 13, 2011 in @Subang Jaya
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This was another meal from the Groupon deals :  Traditional Italian tomato soup + Main course : Choose from New Jersey Chicken Fillet, Grilled Butter Fish Fillet, Linguine Carbonara or Linguine ala Thai. For drinks : choose from Coke, Sprite or iced lemon tea. All for RM 20.90, the actual value said to be up to RM56.70. That is why I love Groupon lorrrr..

Before our meal, we loiter around Subang Parade, I dunno about you, but I am not a fan of the design of Subang Parade, it’s so confusing, the walkways that lead this way and that, and before you can find an escalator to go to a lower floor, you have to go up the walkway to the next floor and only then find an escalator to take you downstairs. ARRGGGGGggggg, or maybe it’s just my low IQ…like the malay proverb – tidak pandai menari dikatakan lantai jongkang jongket – translated to mean, you ah..dunno how to dance hor..then you say that the floor is uneven

And apart from the complain above, the next complain is..where is Chillout ? there were signs that looked promising, but then we just ended up nowhere, called the bistro and we were told to go to Cold Storage in Parkson and you will see Chillout,  so we headed towards Cold Storage, where the heck was the bistro lahh…called again and was told to go up the escalator then we should see Chillout… ok,,,did that, then ended up in the ladies department—eh..inside here got bistro mehh..what the …went downstairs and then try from the beginning, Cold Storage- checked, go up escalator- checked, but we ain’t see no Chillout laaahhhhh ! then asked the staff in Parkson, and went round a few circles..then finally got the right instruction—oh..suppose to go out the door from Parkson, aiya..early early say laa…..sorry, you might be tired of reading already, I promise we will be back to the intended topic soon. I think I would banish any thoughts of participating in the Amazing Race challenge…So, I suggest the best way is to walk from the outside of Subang Parade, you would have a better chance of finding the place

We had to climb a few stairs to the bistro, passed the bar area, a few guys were having a couple of beers. a few overhanging TVs were showing football matches, we were shown to the enclosed restaurant area.  I liked the setting which was simple and cozy

 For drinks both of us chose to have ice lemon tea ( RM11.90)

The waiter came by with our cutlery , then a more senior staff came by and show the staff the correct way to arrange the cutlery. And then it was time for the traditional Italian tomato soup (RM10.90). This was overly salty to be enjoyable, Was the saltiness intentional ? I dunno   I guess I am not a true Italian and therefore could not appreciate the traditional soup if it was suppose to be so salty.

Then the main course : New Jersey Chicken Fillet ( RM26.90) , when my makan companion for that day i.e. my niece saw the ( few) slices of chicken sitting on the mash potatoes  her eyes widen and said- so little meat, can be full mehh ? This was nice and eventually the mash potatoes did filled me up..

 Grilled Butter Fish Fillet with butter lemon sauce (actual price  RM33.90) , the fish fillet sat prettily on the mash potato cushion, accompanied by an orchestra of blanched vegetable and sauces. Niece enjoyed this too

 Overall, an enjoyable meal and I think I might come back again ( but not for the tomato soup lahh) ..From the website, it says Live bands entertain crowds from 9pm to midnight on Wednesday to Saturday, but we ended our meal before that and didn’t get to be entertained by the  band


Business hours : Mon-Sat: Open 11am onwards  Sun: 5pm onwards

Location :

Lot G31, Ground Floor, Subang Parade Shopping Centre,
No.5, Jln SS16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya,
Tel: 03-5638 5508
  1. Sumptuous® says:

    Hey Peg, I think its best you visit a more straight forward mall and eatery. Maybe you won’t get lost in Tesco. 🙂 Your next visit must include me okie!

  2. pegasuskl says:

    AhSumpt – Tesco ? which Tesco la..the one in London ah ?

  3. Sumptuous® says:

    No need London la AhPeg, Scotts garden enough la.. what for go far far? Afterall, many new makan places are mushrooming there.

  4. pegasuskl says:

    I have just been there once ler, AhSumpt. How’s the parking over there, easy or not ?

  5. Sumptuous® says:

    Parking is aplenty but can be rather confusing in getting to the shops.

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