Yun Heong Yun Restaurant 源鄉園茶餐室@ Seri Kembangan, Serdang

Posted: October 23, 2011 in @ Serdang
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The leaflet for Yun Heong Yun came with the newspapers and the specialty mentioned in the circular  include : fish head noodles  fish paste and bitterguord soup, pork noodles, steamed tofu, fish balls, fish cakes, fish paste fried egg, sambal fish,yong taufu, homemade teochew fish ball noodles, fresh prawn wantan noodles. The best part is that we know the location of the shop so off we galloped to Seri Kembangan.

The restaurant was having a quiet day ,  apart from our table,  one other table was taken up by a couple and the next table by a child ( must be taukeh’s son guarr) with his hands and eyes glued to a handheld console.

We decided to try : steamed egg, yong taufu and sambal fish

Steamed egg (RM8) : I was looking forward to  smooth, light steamed eggs but this didn’t meet that criteria lah, the texture was just average maybe a bit overcooked , there were generous amount of fish balls in the steamed egg though, the fish balls were quite ok, firm and springy. The fried onions on top of the steamed egg were a bit too soggy for our liking.

Sambal fish (RM7) : this was rather nice, the sambal was a mix of sour and not too spicy with bits of onions and ladies fingers. Interestingly the fish was deep fried -which made it a bit dry and hard, I would have thought a steamed version of the fish might have been better.

Yong taufu ( RM1.20/ piece) we had ordered a mixture : taufu pok, chili, brinjal and fuchok roll. This is the teowchew style I guess, as it was  ‘pure’  fish paste  as opposed to the Hakka version where the fish paste are mixed with salted fish, dried squid etc .We find the  YTF to be average, the vegetable ( sayur manis) that came with the soupy YTF were a bit tough

Overall- an average meal The total bill for the abovementioned + 2 plates of rice and 2 drinks came toRM25.80  ( no service tax)  

 Business hours : 8 am – 3 pm daily

Location :
  1. Sumptuous® says:

    No very satisfying it seems, but for that price.. ok la! Must be your luck coz most of the eateries in SK serves pretty good meals.

  2. pegasuskl says:

    i was so looking forward to yong tau foo lorr…aisaymenn…that was a bit of a dissappointment. Eh, AhSumpt, when is our makan2 😀

  3. Anonymous says:

    is near little star cafe?

  4. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Anon, i am sorry, i hadn’t been to this part of Serdang for a while, so couldn’t confirm about little star cafe. sorreeee

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