Gu Gong @ The Gardens, MidValley Megamall

Posted: October 10, 2011 in @ Midvalley
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Another food outing after a full day of meetings…

As all our guests were staying at The Gardens, it took less of a coordination to dine at Megamall than go through the hectic KL traffic. Mr Boss gave us two choices : Italian or Korean, Mr Boss’s boss said ‘Italian’ and hence vetoed the decision of the smaller people , alas,  the restaurant couldn’t accommodate us as it was closed for a private function and so we had to farewell spaghetti and hello kimchi.

For drinks the guys had Korean and local beers, while I opted for Lemon Bitter lime ( RM12) which was nice

 The appetizers arrived – fast and furious

and they keep on coming and multiplying ….  , and I gave up counting after snapping the picture below. Green leafy vegetable :kinda rough, egg roll-biasa,  steamed long bean – very normal, ,  ikan bilis + vege – ok, i am not a kimchi fan- din try, taugeh – din try We were too lazy to cook the meat ourselves so we asked for ‘the finished’  version of the bulgogi (bbq beef)  ,we also ordered  lamb , beef, chicken and Galbi-gui (Broiled Short Ribs). The verdict : juicy, tender, effortless chewing, loverrlllyy…


I was also taught how to eat bulgogi wrapped in lettuce, first – select nice leafy leaf, then select nice piece of meat, plus some kimchi ( I didn’t follow instructions, and omitted this) , clove of garlic, some sauce and this is good to go. This was nice

 Kimchi pancake, this sounded like a weird combination but it was a pleasant surprise that the flavour of kimchi didn’t overpower the pancakes, it texture was kinda crispy and fluffy. The group enjoyed this so much that we ordered seconds. Sorry, I just  realised that I didn’t take a picture of the pancake. From the www, I learn that this is a great way to use up leaftover kimchi – you can try the recipe by clicking  here

Glass noodles with seafood – the noodles were sticky, there’s an unusual flavour to this with I can’t place ( and I don’t quite like), something that tasted like sesame oil.

Kimchi fried rice – the rice had  a sunny side up egg perched on top of it. The rice was moist ( wet), sticky and red. This was just so-so for me.but I am probably judging it by comparing this to local fried rice- which might not be a fair thing to do..


We decide to end the meal with some Soju ( Korean rice liquor). The bottle below costs us RM30 at Gu Gong, and according to my colleague who has been to Korea- these are selling in convenience stores for USD1

 Overall, an Ok meal . The meal costs us ~ RM750,

Location :
Lot T-212, 3rd Floor
The Gardens, Midvalley Megamall
Tel : 22872981
  1. Sumptuous® says:

    Anymore vacancy at your office?

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hey Sumpt, send in ur resume lah, then we see how .. u any good at cleaning mugs and making coffee ?

  3. Sumptuous® says:

    Cleaning plates of good food sounds more like it!

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