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Posted: October 4, 2011 in @ PJ
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The hot topic at the office today was the article in The Star about the 5 Bs replacing the 4 C’s ( credit card, Cash, Condo, country club membership) requirement for potential life partners. And the 5 Bs are :- Billions, Body, Brain, Benz and Bungalow. Can the billion be in Rupiah ? well, at least some human-side of it – body and brains made it into the list, and Condo is no longer a status symbol . Later in the day,  i overhead  the song ‘ The Actor’ by Micheal Learns To Rock played over the airwaves,  and I can’t help but laugh at the part of the lyrics that says ‘ I am not an actor , I am not a star, I don’t even have my own car…’, alamak, how la, like that ?

Anyway, this posting is long overdue- the meal happened sometime before the Mid Autumn Festival…We had guests at the office and Mr Boss decided that we dine at Restoran  Oversea at PJ. The restaurant  offered  four  Mid Autumn Festival set with  price ranging from RM598++ to RM1298++. We took the RM598++ set.

Three appertizer Oversea style ,  my favourite part of the meal- the appertizers,  …Crab craws coated with almond flakes, fish paste in soy sheets and scramble eggs with thingies. We were hungry and the plate was cleaned the plate quickly That is the advantage of being the first dish,.Two words, I likeyyyy.

Stewed Malay chicken soup – the herbal soup tasted like it had gone through many hours of boiling, bringing out the essence of the chicken and the herbs, this was rather enjoyable. As there were only 9 of us, there was an extra bowl of soup left and as we didn’t expect the Mat Sallehs to asked for seconds, and yours truly being the only Cantonese at the table, and that I didn’t want to be wasteful and that that the fated bowl was placed in front of yours truly, I accepted the second bowl of soup without much persuasion…

For the fish, the menu said steamed fresh river fish with lemon juice and green pepper, but I think Mr Boss had negotiated with the captain to change it to fried fish with probably some orange /Thai style sauce – the gravy was tangy and tasty, with lotsa fried shrimps and shallots as garnishing. We liked it.

There was suppose to be Roasted duck on the menu, but they run out of the duck . So we ordered pork trotters with steamed buns..Sorry, what you see in the pix below is the dissected version . This was oh la laa..gravy was thick and rich and pork was melt in the mouth tender.  I thought the Angmohs might not enjoy this- u know la, all that layer of jellied-liked skin and fat, but they were continuously scrapping and scrapping at the plate. I guessed pork trotters knows no boundaries..

Baked tiger prawns with thousand island sauce – the dish was very pleasing to the eye and glad to say, it was pleasing to the palate as well..prawns were juicy and fresh and the many island sauce worked !

 The menu said seasonal HK vegetable with abalone sauce, the dish came with cauliflower, mustard, mushroom and fu-chuk ( soya bean sheets), this was average. At this point, the pace started to go sloooower as the stomach is steadily reaching it’s full capacity 

Stir fried Ee-Fu noodles – these were good , although running on a full stomach, this was too good to resist ! The noodles had a firm and springy texture and the flavouring was just right, can’t find any fault with this.

We were served 2 mooncakes and with 1 box of 4 mooncakes to take home. Dessert was soya bean with fungus and gingko

 Overall, an enjoyable meal.  

Location :
Plaza Armada, Lot 28, Ground Floor, Lorong Utara C,
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 79561029

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