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Pho Hoa @ Ho Chi Minh

Posted: September 4, 2011 in @ Old Klang Road
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We met up with a contact’s contact, H- a Malaysian who has been in Vietnam for 15 years. According to H, there is a large Malaysian and Singaporean community in Vietnam and they meet up regularly for activities such as golf.

H volunteered to take us out for lunch and asked us what we would like, and when the reply was something local, he whisked us off to Jalan Pasteur for the famous pho (noodles). I am ashamed, I have been in HCM a number of times and I hadn’t been/ heard of  Pho Hoa. The place was jam packed ! we were led up the stairs and hurahh… a table was being cleared. That was before Mr Boss spotted a famous Malaysian politician -who used to be pro government, then turned opposition and now set up another political party. I only caught sight of the back part of his salt and pepper head, so I couldn’t confirm that Mr Boss didn’t make a mistake.

 We were asked how would we like our beef for the noodles, I wanted mine ‘well done, the rest asked for ‘medium’ . There was the customary plate of vegetables for soaking into the pho, and there were also some oblong thingy wrapped in banana leaves, I thought they were the pulut with meat floss kuih that we get back home

Wrapped in the banana leaves were meatballs, er..they weren’t round, so I shouldn’t say ‘balls’ meat- cylinders ?meat-rectangular ? maybe meat paste is a better description, if H didn’t tell us that this was pork, I would have said it was fish ! The texture was light and fine, springy and tasty. I likeyyyy

The pho arrived, as the beef I asked for was the ‘well done’ version, they came in thicker slices, whereas for the medium version, the beef were cut  thinner and in  finer strips.   The soup was gorgeous ! I liked this version better than the Pho 24 version, this was richer, with a more beefy flavour to it. yummmyy…

My drink – young coconut

You can also add some yau char kwai to the pho, now i know YCK don’t just go with kopi or porridge ! Maybe we can start a new trend in Malaysia, YCK with kuay teow therng, pan mee, the options are limitless mannn

 For this trip ro HCM,  this was my last meal, what a good way to end the journey. While idle chatting with H, I learned that pirated DVDs are very cheap in HCM. You can get them at less than RM2 /unit. We found DVD shops not far from the hotel and…… I should add here that piracy is a wrong.  Btw, the quality were pretty good too, and the vendors were rather honest and will tell you if the images are not clear.

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