Cafe Terrace @ Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Posted: August 21, 2011 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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The earlier part of the second day in HCM went like this;

8:00  breakfast at the hotel ( had bowl of chicken  noodles, steamed buns, 1 pancake, 2 siew mai, 1 slice of bread with peanut butter, fried noodles , 1 piece of buttercake, small bowl of mung bean dessert, 1 banana, 3 sections of pamelo and 4 slices of watermelon). My policy for eating during travels is : eat when/what  you can, you don’t know when is the next meal, apply the same policy to washroom breaks  too.

9:00 meeting

10:30 back to the hotel after meeting,  Mr Boss said he didn’t have breakfast, let’s go have some  pho, Well, OK, you da boss. I had a bowl of beef fillet pho at Pho 24  ( oh, was it only 15 hours ago that I had pho at Pho 24 ?)

11:00 meeting

14:00 back to the hotel. Mr Boss asked : are you guys eating lunch ? Well, I am not one to decline food. We walk around the block..cross path with more motorbikes    We weren’t sure where and what to eat, we walked towards Saigon Centre , and saw a rather packed cafe, we decided that so many people can’t be wrong, so we join the crowd at Cafe Terrace. We had to share a long table with a group of what seemed to be ladies of leisure, with their iphones, shiny diamonds and smart and trendy clothes ( not that I am one who know what is ‘trendy’ lah..but they look trendy and should know what is trendy and what is not) .

The decor was interesting..

 Boss #1 only wanted some fruit juice

Boss #2 ordered dried noodles , which looked rather good hor

I kind of missed rice after all that pho and decided to go for the pork + rice set. It was kinda embarrassing because when Mr Boss asked ‘you guys eating lunch ?’ I was non committal and gave the impression that ‘eat also can, don’t eat also can’ and yet, my set meal was the largest serving..*blush*

My meal consist of : lotus stem salad – lotus stem ( not lotus root) served with roasted peanut, dried prawns, sourish sauce ( lime juice + ?)  , almost like Thai mango salad. What a good entree. Egg and tomato soup – nice. Stir fried pork slices which was yummy, the meat was lean but luckily not tough, perfectly marinated witrh a tinge of sweetness. Can’t find any fault with my set meal.

For drinks I had dragon fruit juice, which took quite sometime to arrive..due to some miscommunication.. Well presented and tasted good too.

 Location :   

Saigon Centre (ground floor) : open for breakfast, lunch and dinner
65 Le Loi – Saigon Centre, Pasteur
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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