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We got a bit bored  of  eating our Sunday breakfast at the  food court and decide to go for dimsum. There are many dimsum shops around Kuchai Lama and OUG , I thought the only dimsum shop around old Klang Road was Yan Yan  until we spotted a dimsum shop at 4 1/2 mile directly opposite the OKR’s BP petrol station

Depending on your luck, parking can be a trick or easy, there are no designated parking area- one just park by the road side.

Sing Pao serves regular ( traditional) dimsum including the steam dimsum and the deep fried pastry, chu cheong fun and porridge.

First up, we ordered Wu kok and prawn rolls, when I saw the wu kok, they appear a bit over-fried and the yam section seemed a bit thin as the proof of the wu kok is in the eating, the verdict – this was rather nice, biting into the crunchy outer layer and softer inner section , the creamy yam with the distinctive flavour complement  the delicious pork filing I likey ! the prawn rolls was wrapped in thin crispy fu pei ( soy bean sheets)  and deep fried, this  had a firm texture and was tasty.  A good start…

We ordered a pot of Chinese tea ( but wasn’t asked about the variety – maybe we don’t look like tea-appreciators.. so I am not sure does Sing Pao provide other variety of  teas), the dimsum preparation were at the outside /front  of the shop and the kopitiam was at the behind of the shop. Next we ordered pork ribs and   seaweed rolls. The pork ribs were tender and tasty – flavoured with fermented beans and chili. The seaweed rolls stuffed with springy fish paste were good too, I would prefer a full fish paste version rather than having the filament stick in the middle.

Chu Cheong Fun – the filling was bits of char siu ( bbq pork)  . The ‘skin’ was not very thin or those translucent type but I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t floury, it was silky smooth and the filing was good too, although I am not a fan of CCF,  I found this to be enjoyable.

Char siew pau, appearance wise, not too tempting, it looked kinda heavy as opposed to being light and  fluffy, but luckily the pastry although not light was adequate and the filing was good, not too fatty or too sweetish. Fish paste with soya bean sheets – nice..good firm fish paste.  The cabbage rolls were interesting, I didn’t know cabbage can be sooo sweet one lerrr.. biting into the cabbage rolls, the sweetness of cabbage oozes from all sizes, and again, good fish paste filing.

Overall, an enjoyable meal . Service was prompt. The bill came to RM26+

Location : At  4 ½ mile Old Klang Road, directly opposite  BP petrol station / Plaza Prima, a few steps away from Sing Pao is the OKR hokkien noodles  stall.