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We have been meaning to makan at Wai Kee for the longest time, the longest time arrived and finally we stepped into this well established restaurant.

I really like the uncle that took our orders, he had a friendly smile on his face and was helpful to explain the menu  I would have liked to order the Chinese wine chicken but between the choice of having this or the pork with yam, pork with yam won the vote. We had to order the yong tau foo and for vegetable we ordered kailan with roasted pork

Stewed yam with pork ( woo tau kao yoke) RM12 – thick and soft slices of yam sandwiched the soft fatty pork slices. I find the gravy  a bit dilute and the flavour wasn’t strong enough and  didn’t manage to hit the ‘ummppp’ scale. I prefer the ones we had at  Yap Chong a few months back.Kailan with roasted pork (RM12), the kailan shoots were tender and yet has that crunchiness associated with freshness. This was enjoyable. Anyway, it’s difficult to go wrong with BBQ pork which taste well with most vegetables..although I don’t think I have ever  tried  petai with roasted  pork, have you ?Yong Tau Foo, we asked for a platter and this came as a platter with 6 units of YTF ( RM1 /piece). This was good. the fish paste had a firm and the subtle taste of salted fish and dried squid complemented this very well. The YTF piece with tofu wasn’t as good as the rest as the fish paste taste like they have been added with some tofu  before stuffing it into the slit of the triangular tofu. I wonder does Wai Kee allows the patron to choose a specific kind of tofu rather that a combination platter ? one other interesting thingy I noticed is that some blogs say it’s pure fish paste, some say it’s fish paste plus salted, I am confused ? i think I need to go back to Wai Kee again to find out ! Any volunteers /anyone who is willing to sponsor my meal ? 😛 We paid RM37.50 for the meal which include the above plus 2 rice and 3 drinks which I find to be rather reasonable .

Wai Kee is closed on Mondays.


Location ; along Old Klang Road, walking distance ( and same direction)  from the newly opened OKR Tesco

 S/L 2, Batu 4 ¼ , Jalan Kelang Lama,
KL. Tel : 013 391 8269, 016 2276201

PJ Branch at Jln SS21/37, Tel : 77316186