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We went grocery shopping at the newly opened NSK Kuchai Lama, I liked this place, parking is free and ample ,  a large variety of (very ) reasonably priced vegetable ahd it’s open 24 hours ! The large crowd can be a bit overwhelming and one must learn quickly the ways to  maneuver the shopping trolley through the tangled crowd of trolleys packed with toilet rolls, washing liquid, babies, watermelons ….you get my drift..

After we finished vegetable shopping , we found a flyer on the car windscreen telling us about Meng Kee wantan noodles , well, we didn’t have any destination in mind for lunch and so this flyer was at the right windscreen  at the right time . This was one of the few times that I have responded positively to flyers on the car windscreen, I wonder what is the success rate of such means of advertising ?

It was a Sunday, so parking was a breeze, the was a big Meng Kee bunting on the road directly in front of the eatery, so one wouldn’t have missed that. At that time of visit, the occupancy rate was about 80%. Meng Kee’s tagline : the good taste from your childhood.

The menu was simple , 4 choices for the main meal : dry char siew wantan mee  RM5.50 (s)and RM6.50 (b) ;  soupy char siew wantan mee  – priced as the dry version ; prawn wantan chicken horfun ( RM5.50) , nasi lemak ( RM3.50), add on ( RM1 each ) : sambal ikan bilis, dried prawn sambal and rice

Side dishes ( RM5 each) : special minced pork sausage, soupy of fried  wantan ( 10 biji), soupy prawn wantan ( 6 biji), soupy or fried dumpling ( 6 biji) , vegetable and mushroom with chicken feet.

Drinks ; winter melon longan, barley, tea, mineral water, white coffee, 100 plus, pepsi and water

I ordered the dry char siew wantan, the char siew was  thin, not in the  broader flatter shapes that I  am used to, it was hard-ish but not tough, the meat was lean and the taste was very nice, now i know why Meng Kee is said to be one of the benchmark for good char siew  The noodles were springy and smooth, the wantan skin were not floury and the filing was tasty. I likeyy..

My makan companion ordered the prawn wantan chicken horfun, the verdict : ok lah..nothing outstanding.

We wanted to try some side dishes, and before ordering the sausage, we checked with the waitress for the origin, if China- mali or now Taiwan –mali we might change our mind and go for a bowl of dumpling instead . The waitress assured us that these were homemade ( but where is her home ?made at whose home? ) .When the sausage arrived at our table, my first reaction was..’Harr ! so small portion RM5 mehh..this is too expensive’ . after the first bite this changed to  ‘no regrets !’ Meng Kee sausage texture and taste is like those of the BBQ minced pork sheets. There weren’t big chunks of lard in the sausage, it was rather lean actually, so we could eat it whole without having to pick out those fatty-make-you-feel-guilty bits.

 Overall an enjoyable meal, the total bill came to RM18 inclusive of the abovementioned and  1 longan drink, there were no other charges.

I think on my next visit, I will have to order the big portion of the wantan mee so that the enjoyment can be extended.