Lap Ming Kuan Seafood Restaurant立明坤 海鲜鋪@ Taman Desa

Posted: June 19, 2011 in @Taman Desa
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We had a guest at our office and as the bosses weren’t available, I was asked to take care of this particular guest. I asked Ms C to come along to keep us company and as a supplement to my not so skillful entertaining skills. Two options were offered  to the guest : steamboat or Penang food. Guest decision was to go for steamboat as she doesn’t trust the KLites to prepare a decent Penang meal. While we were on the way, Guest (henceforth identified as G) suddenly patted her crowning glory and said ‘I just washed my hair today, can we go to somewhere with air conditioned instead ?’ ok ok…and I remember having read somewhere that Lap Ming Kuan served pretty reasonable food, so we detoured and navigate towards  this new destination

It was about 6:30pm when we arrived at LMK and we were the first patron. There were two seating arrangements, non air conditioned (smokers) or air-conditioned.

I realised that it was   not easy to order food when you do not know your fellow diners well enough ;  steamed, deep fried, spicy non spicy, pork  no pork, allergies   ..aiyoyo… so it took us a bit of a time to discuss and decide,  and furthermore, the situation was not helped by the order taker who wasn’t very helpful in recommending the dishes.

We ordered a pot of tea for 2 pax (RM3) and worried about caffeine caused insomnia – I had a cup herbal tea ( RM3.50) instead

Deep Fried chicken in special sauce ( RM20) ; the chicken fillets were deep fried and had some sticky brownish sauce poured over them. This was slightly sweet but taste was ok,  the sesame seeds sprinkled over the chicken enhanced the taste. The chicken were a bit too dry which made them kinda hard and had to be chewed with some effort,  this might be more suitable to go with beer rather than with rice.

Stir fried lotus root with black fungus (RM 12), the lotus root didn’t come across as being crunchy crispy fresh but more towards starchy with a little bit of a crispiness. Apart from the root and fungus the snow peas and carrot added some variety / color to the dish. This was average.

Tofu in pumpkin ( RM25) : we ordered this because this seemed to be rather novel – tofu cooked with pumpkin. The beancurd appeared to have been stewed in some sauce and then placed on the steamed pumpkin. The beancurd was too salty ! Then we discovered the technique to eat this dish : make sure you scrap some steamed pumpkin and then eat this together with the  beancurd– this diffused the saltiness –well, eaten this way it wasn’t salty at all. I only realised the price of this dish when we were paying for the bill. RM25 for pumpkin and beancurd seemed rather expensive lerr

 Steamed garoupa ( RM30.50), from the taste, the texture  and the colour, the fish doesn’t appear to be too fresh. Taste wise it was ok. And during our meal, a couple took up the table next to ours and they too seemed to have some issues with their steamed fish which they took up with the waitress, from the bits and pieces that I heard, the waitress mentioned that the fish was fresh, these are sea fish and their meat are  harder.


Overall a so –so meal.

The total bill ( plus 3 order of rice) came to RM98.50. there were no service charge of government tax.

Location :

14A Faber Plaza, Jalan Desa Jaya,
Taman Desa , 58100 K.L
Tel : 79821442

Landmarks : the row of shoplot between TM Point Building and Faber Towers  , locate Taman Desa Public Bank and you will see LMK further down the road.


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