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If you commute along Old Klang Road, from Pearl Hotel towards the newly opened Tesco, a bit before the junction into Jalan Kuchai Lama, you will notice a middle sized space , with a sign board by the road side –  no fancy name, direct and to the point > ‘Hokkien Mee’ . I have passed this stall numerous time but didn’t have the opportunity to try out the food here and it became  more enticing after Wiki Lim mentioned that the Hokkien noodles are pretty ok.

Now, to find a dinner kaki…..

Met up with L after work and we headed towards OKR, final destination > Hokkien Mee !

On the menu ; Hokkien Mee ( noodles), Cantonese style noodles, yong chow fried rice, dry-style koay teow, Singapore noodles, Loh Mee, Mun yee mien. Side dishes : stir fried vegetable, nam yue chicken wings, or-chien ( fried oyster ) ,  fried prawns , fried sotong ( squid) etc. We ordered Hokkien Noodles and Cantonese style noodles. 

 Apart from Hokkien Mee stall which is the main attraction, there was also a stall selling wan tan noodles.

Hokkien Mee ( RM6)  ; this was  rather tasty ,  L keep on commenting that..wahh..for RM6, they were rather generous with the ingredients. L had also requested for additional chu yau char (deep fried lard ) , these were served on a small plate… totally sinful but yet heavenly. I think L is trying to get my arteries clogged…

Cantonese style noodles ( RM6) : this was not bad too and L again made that same comment about the ingredients. Feeling guilty after all that lard, I decide to leave all the prawns for L, well…let L arteries have their share of cholesterol deposits too…that’s what friends are for..we share share cholestrol..

Overall : an enjoyable meal and I am keen  to try out the koay teow, nam yue chicken wings and the other dishes too !

NB: I will try to take a picture of the signboard and upload it later

Operating hours : 6pm – 3 a.m.