Hao Wei Dao Restaurant 好味導 茶餐室@ Taman Danau Desa

Posted: June 12, 2011 in @Taman Desa
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I am having a bout of blogger’s block and couldn’t find a suitable way to start this posting….so I will go straight into the point….It was a dark and stormy night…with growling stomachs, we held on bravely to our battered umbrellas and made our way through the howling wind, the splattering rain , the rumbling thunder ,  the grumbling butler , the humbling weather,  the treacherous gutters, the ferocious vehicles, the..errr…did you noticed that I said butler ? When talking about butlers, first and foremost on my mind is Jeeves, I wish I had a butler like Jeeves although I don’t think I can afford one of such caliber like Jeeves, on second thought, I don’t think I can afford any butler – which reminds me of that song…if I were a rich ma, all day long I biddy biddy bum..….okay, I think on that note, let’s cut to the chase , get Jeeves out of the picture ( he is not even real although I won’t mind meeting a rich guy like Bertie Wooster)  and move our attention back to the topic of food, let’s ignore all that gibberish gabble twaddle -194 words ago and say that- S and I met up for dinner at Hao Wei Dao ( and it wasn’t even raining) …

Both S and myself were feeling the onslaught of a cold ( i bet if Jeeves was around, he would make me some chicken soup) and decided to do some preventive measures by having hot honey lemon tea (RM3.50) rather than the iced version and I am glad that we did, this hit the right note : warm, comforting , sweet, tinge of sour,  soothing..

I decided to go for spaghetti after seeing that the cabonara version was available..it was bad enough that it was pasta, it had to be the – heavy, creamy, cheesy  calori laden cabonara version too. Well, one has to indulge oneself as they say ‘ because I am worth it ‘ , umm..doesn’t seemed to be the correct slogan , maybe ‘just do it’ might be more suited for this occasion..aiya..eat eat la..don’t think so much la , don’t take the joy out of eating !! I am sure it will take more than 1 serving of spaghetti to clog the arteries ( please assure me..pleaseee…I need assurance…err… i think i might need insurance too..) The Hao Wei Dao’s Spaghetti cabonara (RM13.90) was enjoyable, the sauce was rich, creamy and cheesy,  the spaghetti was cooked just right , the ham strips were tasty .. so all in all- it was worth the guilt trip.

S ordered chicken chop ( RM 14.90) and opted for garlic sauce to go with the chicken ( other available sauces :black pepper and mushroom sauce )  I had a bite of the chicken chop and found the chicken to be juicy and  tasty and  S seemed to enjoy it too.

We ordered sauté mushroom ( RM7.90) as a side dish , the mushroom were lightly stir fried with onions, this was nice and very mushroom-ish . I discovered that it really really really  takes a long time to get that mushroomy taste out of my system, I was burping mushroom throughout the night..and to the next day..maybe it was punishment for indulging in spaghetti cabonara……

Overall, an enjoyable meal, note : there is a 5% service charge


14-G, Jalan  5/109F
Plaza Danau 2,
Taman Danau Desa. 58100 KL
Tel : 7981 8598
Branch at Bandar Puteri, Tel : 8062 3159

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