Pesta Keboen Restaurant @ Semarang, Indonesia

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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When I was in Semarang, I got to know who was  the most famous ‘icon’  from our  Malaysian shores  to this neighboring country . Datuk Siti Nurhaliza? No….Datuk M…No….the answer Upin dan Ipin, if you don’t know of them, please click here. These characters  have a good following in Indonesia, the customer’s we met automatically  associate that I am from Malaysia to- oh,,this was where Upin and Ipin are from.

When I heard the name –Pesta Keboen, my head was filled with images of an open field,  lighted with coloured light bulbs, plastic chairs and hawker stalls so it was a surprise when we drove into a compound housing a bungalow-liked building.

There were two types of seating arrangement – indoors or alfresco we had  2 smokers with us, we chose to dine under the open sky.

While waiting to be waited on, I wandered around the well decorated place filled with curios including old irons, telephones, pictures of film stars of bygone era including one of Amy Pichard..

It was very pleasant to sit outdoors, the night air which was heavy with the aroma of flowers intermitted with that of cigarette smoke..cough cough cough…

We were offered some chips in a pretty ancient looking container  and a jamu drink each –the drink taste like assam plus tumeric and not sure what else..

 It was too hard to please everyone, so we decide to save our gray matters from the workout and ordered one of the set meal R. Tanjung Emas ( Rp 210000) without sapi (beef) as we had non beef eaters amongst us.

Drinks- the waiter suggested something something with young coconut- I was expecting to sip on a a young biji of coconut , but the drink  turn out to be scraped young coconut on top of flavoured shaved ice, this was quite nice .The portions were big and  it took me quite a while to clean it all up. This was called Es Kopyor ( Rp 23500 which is ~RM8.50) Es = iced

 Kangkong belacan- from  the leaves and stems, these seemed to be smaller than the usual kamgkong I find on my plate back in KL. The aroma of belacan was rather ( too) pungent and sharp, a bit of  amonnia-ish

 Ikan gurame bakar – the fish didn’t have the ‘earthy’ taste like the one we had yesterday. This was meaty and although deep fried, some sweetness can still be tasted in the fish.

Prawns – the prawns on skewers came with a nutty-ish peanut ( satay sauce ) dip. This was niceeeeee

Soup – this was a bit sourish and umm..a bit different la..

 Overall, a good meal, top marks for ambience ! I must say that the price Rp 330000~ RM117 was rather reasonable

 Location  : Jl. Veteran No.29 Semarang, Jawa Tengah Telepon : 024 8310620


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