Kampung Laut @ Semarang , Indonesia

Posted: May 22, 2011 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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Semarang is about an hour by flight from Jakarta, distance is about 400km. Semarang is the capital of Central Java and the fifth largest city in Indonesia. After a day of hard work : pen pushing and winning at staring contest with customers, it was time for dinner . Huuurrahh…

Destination : Kampung Laut ( translated to mean Sea village). There were a few choice in seating areas / settings , sitting cross legged on the raised wooden platform , or on the chairs, under cover or no covers. As it was a breezy night, we chose to sit by the river ,  or was it a lake ? can’t tell really as it was dark and I could only tell that the boardwalk was above the water . To get a better idea, you can view pictures of Kampung Laut by clicking here  

What we ate that night :

Grilled fish paste. This was yummy-licious, the fish paste had a  firm and springy texture and the fragarant of the banana leaves penetrated  the fish paste making it so aromatic .Do we have fish paste cooked this way in Malaysia ?

Fried gurame – the fish was deep fried and part of the flesh was thin and crunchy, the fish had a ‘earthy’ kinda smell which I do not particularly like. And being deep fried, it was a bit hard to try to  tear / break off a chunk of fish meat  without causing too much of commotion at the table.

Prawns in sweet and spicy sauce – the gravy was very good, thick and sufficiently sweet and not overly sour. I had an extra prawn just so that I could taste more of the gravy. The prawns were fresh and sweet too.

Stir fried kailan- this was a bit overcooked for my liking, the kailan were too soft and lost it’s crunchiness. So so la

Overall, food wise an average meal, great ambiance though


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