Restaurant Chung Hwa @ Jakarta

Posted: May 18, 2011 in @ Old Klang Road
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Touched down at Jakarta Airport (Soekarno-Hatta) and after about 45 minutes drive ( traffic weren’t that heavy) it was lunch time when we got into Jakarta city. We decided to fill our stomach first  before proceeding with the official stuff. And with that in mind, we paid a visit to Restaurant Chung HwaRestorant Chung Hwa has a long history ( found out about this from the menu) : extracts / my humble translation :  Pak Ma Liau started the  restaurant started way back in 1928 during the Dutch rule, It was not just a restaurant for the locals but also the entertainment /recreation  place for the Dutch, this role continued  during  and after the Japanese governance. During   President Soekarno’s rule, very often Chung Hwa played host to the country’s visitors  expecially officials from China. In 1984 under a rehabilitation project for areas around Percinan  of Jakarta City, the restaurant was forced to closed. In order to extend the legend of Chung Hwa, Ibu Ma Tjing Lan – the 8th generation of Pak Ma Liau re-opened restaurant Chung Hwa in 2001.

The menu was rather interesting , the names of the dishes are very familiar as some of them reflect the hokkien/ Chinese  dialect , for example ; Pochai cha sapi , cha –fry in hokkien, Angsio haisom , angsio =braised , haisom =sea cucumber, Ayam kuluyuk, Mapo tauhu, ayam kung pao, etc etc

 What we had for lunch :

Pochai cha sapi ( sapi is beef) . Beef slices topped a stack of pochai. The sauce was tasty (best guess is : oyster sauce + soy sauce + etc + probably juice from the beef during cooking ) ;  the beef slices were tender and well marinated. The tasty gravy (and beef ) over the bland pochai was a good combination . Mapo tauhu :- firm tauhu cubes in chili based sauce.the sauce was a combination of sweetness and a bit of spiciness. There were bits of mushroom and spring onions in the dish too. Not bad lah

 The table next to us which looked like a ladies social club luncheon thingie, they had their table cleared and one of them started to removed scrabble liked tiles from a cloth bag and the other ladies were busy writing on bits of papers.. oh, it’s Bingo time !

The third dish – roast pork, the skin were crispy ( like suckling pig style )and the meat were tender and tasty. The dip that came with this dish was sweetish – taste like the sauce for Beijing duck. After the meal, we were served desserts ( I think these were on the house). Jelly strips and frog eggs ( not real eggs lah, of course) , the jelly were springy and had a nice texture. Nice end to a meal.

 Overall, an enjoyable meal..taste wise, the flavour was similar to  what we get in KL

Location : Kompl Griya Inti Sentosa Bl A/29-30, Jakarta , Dki Jakarta, 14350, Indonesia  .Phone: 0.21-.651.5554


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