Beef Noodles @ Seremban Market ; Shin Kee : Petaling Street

Posted: May 16, 2011 in @Petaling Street
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Outing 1 – Seremban

We were out visiting a customer in Semenyih and my colleague asked  ‘eh, want to eat Seremban beef noodles ah ?’. The first reaction  was a reflex that would do Pavlov dogs proud and  after a moment hesitation I asked ‘ far or not ah ?’ ( we were as you know, out on official business) . After being assured that it was only a few kilometers away, I happily agreed . I later learnt that the trip  was much much further than that vague  ‘a few km away’ .

I first tasted the Seremban market beef noodles more than 10 years ago, the first time I ate that-I thought I died and gone to heaven – that is, with consideration that angels ( I assume I became one since I end up in heaven) still need to eat and they have a decent cafeteria up there. I have not tasted anything soooooo good before.

We parked our car beside the market, climbed the stairs and head towards the makan shops. My colleague did the ordering -we had a bowl of dry beef noodles each and  a bowl of soup in between.

The thick, fragrant and gooey  gravy , enhanced by the sesame sprinkled all over the noodles. The tender slices of beef…Hmmmmm…..this was good. Maybe it’s just my deteriorating grey matters playing tricks on me…somehow the taste of the beef noodles that was imbedded in my memory surpassed that of reality

Beef soup – we have meat balls ( beefy and crunchy) ,beef slices ( beefy and tender) , beef stomach ( beefy and chewy), beef chunks ( beefy , chunky and smooth) with plenty of raddish.  The soup was beef-ilicious , need I say more ? Location : Seremban wet market. Stall # 748

Outing 2 – Petaling Street /Jln Tun Tan Cheng Lock  -Shin Kee beef noodles specialist 新九如牛肉粉

The shoplot that Shin Kee occupied was kinda small, due to the constraint in space- there weren’t that many tables in the shop. We were lucky that there was an unoccupied small table at the end of the shop.

I had the noodles soup with everything in it , while F ordered noodles with  beef slices and meatballs.

When the noodles arrived, apart from the beefy stuff and the noodles  there was a blob of dark brown thingy in the middle of the bowl. When I took my first bite of the koay teow, they tasted rather bland but after mixing up the ‘blob’, the taste of the soup was enhanced 20 million times ( exaggeration , I mean 19 million times) . The blob turn out to be finely minced beef in sauce/extracts. This was absolutely yummmy..This was F first Shin Kee experience and she has been raving about it since !No complaints about the beef, meatballs and all the beefy stuff. And the soup was just perfect !

The servings were a bit small ( RM6/bowl), the 4 guys at the next table had 2 bowls each, I was tempted to do the same ..maybe I should have !…maybe i should have ordered 1 bowl of dry and the other one wet, maybe i should have less regrets in life !

 Location :Across the road from Kota Raya, Opposite Lai Fong Restaurant  Not far from Petaling Street entrance


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