Restoran Serdang Duck Wang @ Seri Kembangan

Posted: May 11, 2011 in @ Serdang
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We saw the sign screaming of duck descending from the royal family  – ‘Duck Wang’ which in Chinese meant ‘king of Duck ‘ –  and couldn’t resist the lure, I guess our minds were still fresh with the royal wedding, hence as common subjects we wanted to have some form of connection with royalty – by eating the Duck King !

It was nearly 2 pm when we stepped in the restaurant , it was a run down old kopitiam kinda environment, not airconditioned . And best thing was , there was a big busy crowd.

We ordered a quarter of a duck,  the lady recommended the top part of the duck as it will not be as oily as the lower / thigh section , but I always find poultry breast too tough and dry so we went for the lower section. We wanted to try the roast meat but habis liao ! The lady recommended steamed fish which was one of the house specialty but as there were only three of us,  it was either the duck or the fish, we decide to forfeit the fish this time around. Other dishes : stir fried yau mak ( lettuce) with  garlic, tofu tossed in salted egg.

While waiting for the food to be served, we were entertained with the TV running the karaoke tapes showing Chinese songs from way way back in the 70s ..the songs of the 70s somehow are heavily laden with themes of deep love, deep hatred , love you until want to die and jump from a cliff , hate you until the heart bleeds and not something profound like current songs where :-  I’d catch a grenade for ya, throw my hand on a blade for ya, jump in front of a train for ya… take a bullet through  my brain for ya…:-)

For drinks, we ordered herbal tea and also the ‘golden lime’ , the golden lime was very yummy, like the ones mum used to make..i likeyy…sourish and sweet at the same time..

Stir fried yau mak with garlic – lightly flavoured and the yau mak was  crispy and fresh. Just the right ‘wok-hey’ ( wok-power). Simple and good

De Duck…the duck had a light dong-gwai ( Chinese herbs) flavour which was very pleasant . The best was that  the duck meat was moist and  tender. Hmmm….very nice..good duck this !

The aroma of the salted egg preceded the tofu aromatic . This dish arrived piping hot . The outer skin of the deep fried tofu was crispy and the inside retaining the soft gooey texture of tofu. This was a bit spicy as the dish was laced with bits of chili padi. The curry leaves enhanced the flavour of the dish. Yummm.. although already enjoyable- I think if there were  a teeny weeny bit more of salted egg  , the flavour could be further improved

The bill, including 3 plates of rice and 4 drinks came to RM43. An enjoyable meal ! Hurahh for the Duck King. Quacckkkkkkkkkkk

 Location :

23, Jalan PSK 9,
Pusat Perdagangan Seri Kembangan,
43000 Selangor
Tel: 012-663 2628 ‘ 016-363 2333, 016-309 3035

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