Restoran BBQ Chang Jiang 長江飲食之家@ Kuchai Lama

Posted: May 9, 2011 in @ Kuchai Lama
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It was the banner at the shop front that attracted us into Restoran BBQ Chang Jiang , the banner read : ‘homemade healthy ramen, no preservative , no alkali water’ .From time to time we want  to eat a meal without guilt, so the ‘homemade’ and ‘healthy’ fulfilled the ‘feel good’ factor. 

Chang Jiang serves chicken, roasted duck too, roasted pork three, char siew etc , and all these can come with a choice of noodles, rice or porridge. The special of the day was steamed kampong chicken and if you order this (RM12),  you get a complimentary plate of bean sprout (RM5 otherwise) , which was a rather good deal and I think many agreed for I saw a few tables enjoying the kampong chicken plus sprout.

I think the idea of ‘healthy homemade noodles’ was too deeply impregnated into our minds that all three of us decide to go for noodles : Crispy pork noodles (RM6) ; Roast duck noodles  (RM7.50) and Preserved beancurd ( nam yue)  fried meat noodles (RM6.30)

The noodles and soup arrived first. The noodles had some spring onions sprinkled on the surface plus a few choy sum leaves. The noodle had a nice texture, springy without being tough and it wasn’t sticky or starchy. I think I could go by with just the plain noodles too, the light gravy was rather tasty. The soup was so-so lah, do re mi, so so la mi..Finally  the ‘other half’ of the noodles arrived. Considering that we were paying RM6 for the crispy pork noodles , I think we were surprised at the small portion. The pork pieces were cut rather thin. Taste wise- not bad, not overly fatty to make us feel guilty.The roast duck was tasty  too, the meat was  juicy and tender

Nam yue fried meat –the well marinated pork with distinctive nam yue flavour was tasty. The meat was tender yet with a bit of a chew. F commneted that these were rather salty,it didn’t felt that way until I tried a second piece after which I had to agree with F. 

Overall, an enjoyable meal.  The total bill plus 2 drinks came to RM25.30. There were no service charge or govt tax.

Chang Jiang also serve : hakka noodles, dry curry chicken noodles, fried rice, century egg lean meat porridge , claypot frog porridge  to name a few..

 Location :

No. 21, Jalan Kuchai Maju 7,
Off Kuchai  Lama, 58200 KL
Tel : 012 3838467

( Chang Jiang  is at the same row as  Nippy Restorant and opposite D’rich )


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