Taipei Walker @ Kuchai Lama

Posted: May 2, 2011 in @ Kuchai Lama
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Lunch ? what to eat ? Ok, let’s go to Kuchai Lama, drive around the place and go into the shop that strike our fancy. With that modulus operandi , we ended up at Taipei Walker !

What we lunched on : 

Taiper Walker special ( RM5.90) –typical ice kacang with red bean, cincau, creamed corn, attap seeds on finely shaved ice. There were quite a big portion of goodies in the bowl. In comparison with the usual ABC, the Taipei Walker version was less sweet, the con is that once the ice had melted, the ‘drink’ was tasteless. We fished out the goodies – not wanting any of the liquid portion.Soup noodles with pork ribs (RM9.90) The texture of the noodles were ok, the ribs were tasty, the broth has the usual ‘koay teow th’ng’ taste.

Sizzling pork chop ( RM13.90) , quite a generous serving of pork chop with spaghetti on the side, F seemed to enjoy that ,  to the point that she conveniently  ‘forgot’ to share some with us 🙂

I ordered the 3 cup chicken (RM12.90)  – the name related to using 3 cups of sauce to marinate the dish ( and not that I was served 3 cupfuls  of chicken). This set came with : a bowl of rice which was ‘enhanced’ with bits of pork and some sauce – nice ;   pickled papaya which  got the gastric juices working in overdrive) ; clear soup ; small piece of tofu with some black mashed stuff on it- which taste familiar but I couldn’t place the flavour, after a few bites- discovered that the mashed stuff were century eggs- I liked this.  And the main player- the 3 cup chicken, well marinated (generous amount too) of bite-sized chicken pieces,with bits of basil and dried chili.I liked the 3 cup chicken !

I wonder –is Taiper Walker related to Johnny Walker ?

 Location :

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