Kim Hee Chinese Restaurant 金禧樓冷氣海鮮酒家 @ Prai, Penang

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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We had Thai food for lunch the day before and my colleague Y,  suggested we go go Chinese this time around and try out Kim Hee. Hey !Wiki Lim, if you are reading this, yes, I am doing it again, it’s Y, F, T or any other alphabets in place of names for others,  but when it come to you, I have to spell out your surname in full, consider it an honour mah..rather that being a non descriptive L , right ahhhh ? Complain somemore la..i will write your surname and last name somemore, then you know … 🙂

Sorry, back to food …

I always face the problem where – when you ask the captain about what they have to offer,  they go through a recital- all in one breathe too , example what type of vegetable do they have : kannataugehsiaopaichaisietathienwangkangkunglorsoonlorhonchai… ahh..can you please repeat again one more time  ? kannataugehsiaopaichaisietathienwangkangkunglorsoonlorhonchai ..Grrrrr…

 From the decoration and settings, Kim Hee seemed like the kind of restaurant where wedding banquets are held ( i saw that many tiered cake at one corner) and grand birthday parties too.

Our lunch include :

Siong thong yuen choy – watercress in superior broth . the broth was rich and tasty, the watercress was tender , plus the bits of century egg and salted egg yolks..ahh..bliss ! wonderful ! We also saw a few tables ordering the same dish, I wonder is this a house specialty ? or did we start the trend ?

Claypot curry fish slices – hmm..this was very rich and tasty. The prominent fragrant of powdered curry wasn’t too overpowering that it eclipse the sweet freshness of the fish slices. Fish, ladies fingers, onions  and tomato quarters disappeared in a matter of minutes..Yummm..

House specialty tofu – the tofu were mashed, added with meat and vegetable and then ‘re-assembled’ and deep fried. It works for me. This was good. Crispy on the outside, smooth on the inside.

 We were served Chinese tea which was way way too thick… I think I turned a few shades darker just from drinking this lah.

 The bill plus 3 rice and 1 pot of Chinese tea came to less than RM60 ..which was reasonable considering that we are comfortably seated in an airconditioned environment, good service and fabulous food. Ah…must bookmark this place !

 Kim Hee Chinese Restaurant
22-24, Jalan Todak 4
Pusat Bandar Seberang Jaya
13700 Perai
Tel: +604-397 6905


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