Siriwan Thai Seafood Restaurant @ Perai , Penang

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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Was required to be in Penang for a bit of work , hey.. I never grumble when I have to make my way up to Penang, there’s always good food to look forward to, I don’t mind  having to wake up at an unearthly hour ( mild exaggeration on the ‘unearthly hour’ bit to gain some sympathy) to catch the first flight out to Penang.

After a few hours of hard labour( i think this exaggeration behaviour is turning into a habit), it was time for lunch . There used to be a Siriwan restaurant in Sunway Butterworth but that was closed down a few years back and my colleague had recently found out that it was revived in Chai Leng Park.  The restaurant  was easy to locate as it was just a few doors away from Pearl View Hotel.

As we enter the restaurant, we were greeted by Thai waitresses clad in Thai silk outfits. The walls were adorned with bright Thai style paintings, the one facing me depict the loy krathong festival. We consulted the menu and the captain to  order the following :

Four angle bean fried with belacan – the blend of the taste was perfect. Chili, onion , belacan and crispy four angle bean..yummy, I likeyy

 Thai style Steam fish – fish was fresh  with a sour-ish broth with the salted vegetable, ginger and parsley.  Not much different from  teow chew style, i wonder where did the Thai style thingy come into the picture.

Pandan chicken – boneless pandan pieces were tender and a bit of the pandan fragrant managed to be infused into the chicken. The best were the charred bits which was more fragrant

 Overall , an ok meal. The bill plus 3 rice and 3 drinks came to ~ RM65.

 Location :

Siriwan Thai Seafood Restaurant (Pg) Sdn Bhd
2977-78G, Chai Leng Complex,
Jalan Baru, 13700 Perai, Pinang.
Tel : 04 3977710

 ******                                *******

Later in the evening, met up with PW and we proceed  to Wai Sek Kai for dinner. Saw a stall selling apam ( RM0.30) per piece.  These rolled up ones are without eggs  – they were a bit more dry and crispy. These ones are with eggs – softer and not as dry as the ones above. These apams were absolutely yummylicious !! Hmm…these apams make ‘waking up at an unearthly hour’ worthwhile….


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