Crown Palace Chinese Restaurant @ Crown Garden Hotel , Kota Bharu

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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A friend introduced us to this relatively new hotel in Kota Bharu and highly recommend the  Chinese restaurant in the hotel  –Crown Palace Chinese Restaurant. Since people recommend already, so we try try lorrr..The restaurant ambience was pleasant and comfy. Although we had pre-ordered the menu a few days ago, we still had to wait for quite a while….lucky that we had some nuts to chew on….And probably the best pickled chilies that I have  tasted (and the soy sauce was yummy too )..Although it was only a 2 months ago that we had ‘Buddha Jump Over The Wall’ ( read about it by clicking here ) , I think we must have been beaten by the jumping wall bug for we and the Buddha decide to take another leap over the wall for the second time this year…I must say that for all the hype of the restaurant in Nilai, I found more reasons to jump over the wall for the Crown Palace’s version than the former. The soup was smoother , fuller and pleasant down to the last drop. In the individual bowls, we get goodies like  : abalone, fish maw, mushroom, piece of shark fin, cordyceps etc .. Steamed village chicken – I thought the dark sauce would resemble soy sauce but it turned out to be rather hot , the sauce went well with the chicken. the chicken was nicely cooked ; the meat was tender and juicy without the toughness expected of kampung chicken.Steamed mandarin fish with two preserved beancurd – the taste of the sauce was rather interesting – a combination of tau-see ( fermented beans) and fu – yue ( fermented bean curd) . The sek-pan fish was fresh too . This was good.Vegetable with mushroom and tofu  – there were a few exclamation of ‘ wahh…so big dish one ahh’ when this arrived at the table, the serving was really big ! Succulent siao-pai chai surrounded the centerpiece of mushrooms and tofu. There were a few types of mushroom in the dish : button mushroom, abalone mushroom, straw mushroom and golden needle mushroom. This was tastyPumpkin fried rice – we always blamed Mum for some of the food that do not make up our diet – on top of the list was : pumpkin !! In order to make up for lost time, we ordered this dish. This was good fried rice . The rice were fluffy, the flavour was just nice and if you are lucky you get a tiny speck of salted fish onto your spoon ….yummmy… Mixed vegetable and soohoon in Claypot – Picture below was the portion that I was served.  This dish had a very strong fu-yue ( fermented tofu) flavour which turned to be overly salty after a few bites. Order this only if you are a fan of fu-yue !Dessert : these petite balls came to the table still warm. It was a nice experience to bite passed the warm outer skin into the core and  get rewarded with lotus paste.  I wish there were more of these to go around the table…so nice one …

 Overall , an enjoyable meal, compliments to the chef  . The bill came to ~RM550.

 Crown Palace Chinese Restaurant – 7th Floor                                           
11.30am – 2.30pm
06.00pm – 10.30pm
 PT302 & 303 Jalan Kebun Sultan
15300, Kota Bharu

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