Restaurant Yap Chong 葉昭餐館@ Cheras

Posted: April 6, 2011 in @ Old Klang Road
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Since my last visit to Chuan Kee I have been craving to go back to Pudu Ulu and try out the other Hakka restaurant a few doors away-Yap Chong ,which also promised good food and value for money. So on a Sunday, we braved the not too heavy weekend traffic to Pudu Ulu.

At the cross section -PGRM  loomed ahead of us, after the traffic light we took the road towards PGRM and ended up at the alley with PGRM on our left. We saw Yap Chuan on our right, but had to drive on as we couldn’t find a parking spot, then further up on our right , we saw a block of shoplots on our right , we turned into the area and found a parking space and then walked towards Yap Chuan, while walking, we saw a parking area..aiyaa..we could  have parked here lahhh..

It was after 1pm when we stepped into YC and the place was packed, we were told to go to the other building a few doors away. This particular unit can only sit 4 tables. Well, if you have a private party of 4 tables, you could probably reserved this ! The place was a bit shabby and run down ….below is evidence : the state of the table cloth attest to my observation.

We ordered steamed fish with ginger, stir fried vege ( yau mak) and kau- yoke ( yam with fatty pork ), I wanted to try out the yong tau foo but decided not to be greedy, well, we could always order them later !

The happiest fish price that I have seen in KL …I wonder who was the itchy hand artist …

I was playing host for the day, and it was while waiting for the dishes to arrived  that I realised I did not ‘top up’ my purse and I only have in cash – a RM50 note, 4 ringgit and 80 cents to my name. Ohh errr….a quick run to the counter ‘Uncle, do you take credit card ?’..ohh only. I excused myself from the company of my fellow makan companions and headed off to PGRM in search of an ATM…..i am not sure did Uncle asked the kitchen to stop our order until I show up…anyway, I am sure my companions know the simple task of dish washing, peeling onions, mending table cloths, skinning a  chicken or a duck..…

It’s always reassuring when you have cash in your purse/ pocket amounting to figures of  more than RM54.80 🙂

The stir fried yau mak (RM7)  was the first to arrive..fresh, crunchy- simple and nice.

When the fish arrived…shock registered on all 3 faces, it was almost 1 foot long . There were 3 of us, meaning each of us have to eat 4 inches of fish . Luckily the fish was lovely, although there were so many ginger on the fish it wasn’t hot, the fish was fresh and tasty. It was no problem finishing the fish, they can even bring on a 2 feet fish ! The fish cost us  RM27

 Kau yoke (RM12) –initially the taste was a bit overpowering and later when you start to enjoy the soft mushy yam pieces and the tender and well marinated fatty pork, you might want to drink the gravy..hmm…I likeyyyy. we didn’t check if they have steamed man-tao ( plain buns) to go with this..

Overall, a very enjoyable meal. Apart from the dishes, we had 2 rice , 1 coke, and a pot of Chinese tea, the bill came to RM53.80, which we all agreed was very reasonable..almost an un-KL price… and, I should have not bothered to get to an ATM !

 Biz hours :

No.16,17 & 18, Old Pudu Ulu, Batu 3 ½ ,

Jalan Cheras, 6100 KL

Tel : 92849649

  1. Sumptuous® says:

    Hey Peg, damn lucky la you..still have balance of RM1 after the lovely meal!

  2. pegasuskl says:

    haha…yeah lorrr..Alpha..i might have enough $ left for 1 pc of yong tau foo !

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