Restaurant Mai Thai @ Taman Desa

Posted: April 3, 2011 in @Taman Desa
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It’s always good to see people you know that had worked hard and find that they have move up in life. I know W when she was working as a sales exec and 10 years down the track she has set up  her own company and am now driving a big flashy car, wearing suits with matching shoes and handbag. But the best thing was she was buying lunch !

We decided to dine at Mai Thai..I think the restaurant must have been around for decades , I remember eating here many many years ago ( no change in the deco too !) Mai Thai serves halal food ( concluded this as we saw tudung-ed patrons).

We had to wait quite sometime for the dishes to arrive but we made up the excuse that this was due to the big group of people table ~ 20 pax at the next table that appeared to be celebrating some company occasion.

 First up – Mango salad – the salad was soggy, the mango shreds were a bit too sourish, there weren’t enough roasted peanuts although there were a lot of deep fried dried prawns . The mango shreds were a bit too sour to be enjoyable. With each bite I felt my teeth were getting sore and wobbly.

Pandan chicken – the chicken pieces were meaty and tender but sadly they were tasteless. Had someone forgot to marinate them?

Green curry chicken- the gravy was a bit too thick and it lacked that rich, fragrant green curry flavour. There were a lot of long beans and brinjals in this dish , not that much of chicken slices though.

Clear Tom Yam soup – not too spicy, good combination of spiciness and sour, this was suppose to be seafood tom yam, but I only had 1 prawn in my bowl and a lot of onions, ginger and other uneatable stuff. Where were the squids, fish etc ? ..maybe the waiter didn’t like me as I saw my colleague had 2 prawns in her bowl..Grrrrrr..regardless of this –  I liked the tom yam

Fried Kai Lan- crunchy kai lan in oyster sauce, apart from being a tad oily this was tasty. 

Overall an average outing soursop drink was very good !

 Location :

Restoran Mai Thai ( landmark is TM point and look out for Public Bank )

4A, Jalan Desa Jaya, Taman Desa

58100 KL

Tel : 79803340

  1. xan says:

    is one’s success is measured by the car they drive, big house they live in?. i know some business people, they misappropriate money by spending on luxury items but neglect on employees benefit and welfare.

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hey Xan/Zan, thanks for dropping by. Yup, you are correct, success is not measured by how big one’s s car is or how big one’s house is. but by how good a plate of char koay teow that one has enjoyed, the bliss from that..hmm..priceless ! 😛

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