Dave’s Deli @ Subang Parade

Posted: March 30, 2011 in @Subang Jaya
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I hadn’t been to Subang Parade for sometime, and I was always puzzled by the matrix of walkways that connect the floors, it’s like a maze for me, I felt so guinea-pig-ish trying to move from one floor to the other and find that the target place is always not where I end up at. Maybe it’s just me with my myopic vision. Maybe I should start saving up to get a  GPRS.

Was not sure what to have for lunch, there’s a shop called  Uncle Lim that had a big crowd but F is no fan of Penang themed food, pass. KFC, Nandos, McD , pass, Cafes – pass. Hmm..what’s this- Dave Deli..oh..F eyed the western themed menu displayed outside the place and nodded. Hurahhh..lunch!

Ordering is done at the serving counter. I wasn’t very hungry and decide to try out the pies. My choice –  Chicken and mushroom pie @RM6.90 – tasty gravy swarmed the pie, soggy pie but taste ok. Not that much of filing, more pastry than filing but the taste works, Add a side order of cole slaw @ RM2.80 which  almost filled up ¼ of my plate. Well worth it ? Finely shredded cabbage, not too heavy on the mayo- not too much of guilt

F was hungry and decided to go for the Combo 2 in 1 .For RM16.50 you get 2 types of pasta – spaghetti bolognise and lasange , The tomato gravy was ok , Lasange was not bad but it got  a bit soggy from the gravy of the spaghetti . The serving was rather big and F tummy had expanded a few cms after the meal.

 We ordered 2 glasses of Iced lemon tea @RM3.50 /glass. Total bill came to be RM33.20

 On that day of our visit, the place was rather packed. The ¼ chicken meal seemed to be a popular order  as I saw quite a large number of people eating that.


Location :

Lot G15J Gr Floor
Subang Parade
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Eshan
Tel: 03-56358042


Website : http://www.davesdeli.com.my/


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