Toast Bar @ Kuching

Posted: March 27, 2011 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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We were a bit too early for the next appointment , it was a comfort that when there  is a need to kill time – food seem to be a natural ‘time filler’. Ain’t that great ? !!

We stopped by at the Toast Bar, Mr Host and myself  ordered the beef noodles which was highly recommended by Mr Host, while my colleague ordered the egg and sandwich set. A few minutes later, the waiter came back to us and said that they only have enough for 1 bowl of the noodles. Being the kind host that he is, Mr Host let me have the noodles and ordered the charcoal sandwich set.

Apart from toast and sandwiches, Toast Bar offers local ( Asian) food like : nasi kunyit with chicken curry, curry mee, chicken shop with rice, nasi lemak etc.

I had a barley drink with the noodles

The sandwich ( cheese and ham)  plus fried egg set  

My bowl of stew beef noodles The noodles were springy, some of the beef chunks were a bit dry and stringy, beef balls had a floury texture and not much of a beef flavour.  The soup was tasty though –  beefy and rich..yummm. The raddish were soft and mushy..yumm. 

The charcoal sandwich – according to Mr Host, this tasted like ‘normal’ bread. I looked up the www to find out what is charcoal bread, the answer :  these are made with  bamboo charcoal powder. And considered to be ‘healthy food’. Maybe I should start to buy some charcoal from the market and use them as snacks rather than my staple of :  chocolate, kuachi, muruku, twisties (cheese flavoured), ice cream, pringles…

Saw this ‘weather wheel’ at the payment counter.As it was a sunny day, we weren’t entitled to any freebies. But keep in mind that if you feel any tremor when you are in Kuching, do not hesitate :  head on to Toast Bar and redeem one free set of Asian food dinner.

Toast Bar, Block 16,
Brighton Square,
Jalan Song,
93350 Kuching, Sarawak.


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