Nihon Kai 日本海@ Jalan Klang Lama

Posted: March 20, 2011 in @ Old Klang Road
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Hadn’t heard from D for sometime , so i sent him an sms to ask how he was..following are the sms-es that transpired

 M : Eh, how are you la ? still alive ah ?

D: am good, just that some of my teeth are dropping off, how about you ?

M: hair turning white liao and more wrinkles coming out la !

D : well, at least you still got hair and you can dye

 Oh…that was probably enough to make me laugh my head off or depress me enough to  make me stick my head into the gas oven (do they still have things like that ?) but all I could think of was food ..So, let’s get back to the more important  subject matter…

 It was a public holiday, met up with Chunny for lunch and ding ding dong dong for a while on what and where to eat- then we remember Ahwong spoke about a Japanese restaurant in Klang Lama that their family  normally go to , so we decided that we should try that.

 When we got to Nihon Kai ,  the waitress told us that no tables were available and asked us if we would mind  to wait for a bit , later she said that there is a table outside but it can be  kinda warm. There was another row of tables on the other side of the shop which is in a shady area but they were all occupied. We checked out the table, found the conditions to be bearable ( not too hot) and accepted the seats. The table was set beside the glass pane – water fountain thingy ( not sure what is the correct terms for this) which probably made it a bit cooler. We saw the label on the table and thought..oh oh..this table was reserved for  the CIA …As both of us are rather useless with Japanese food, the menu with the pretty pictures helped a lot. I decide to try out the sukiyaki set and Chunny chose the ‘today’s special ‘ , which was salmon ( not the usual salmon steak, but salmon  from the meaty part of the salmon, whichever part that was)

 After taking our order, the waitress came back with a box fan to make it more comfortable for us. Thumbs up  for customer service !! Later she came around again with a pot of green tea.

Beef sukiyaki ( RM19) Sukiyaki, rice, egg  with miso soup. For appertizer : macaroni and pickled vegetable and for dessert : 2 slices  of watermelon.The beef slices were tender and the soup was tasty. This was quite good. the thing with sukiyaki (- not a fault of the dish but mine -) is that there is so much of sweetness that one can take and nearing the end of the meal the sukiyaki became unbearably sweet for me.

 Chunny’s – Today’s special ( RM20) – as well as the grilled salmon this set came with some shashimi too. Chunny was very happy with her selection and enjoyed the set .

We decided to try out the Zenzai (RM3.00) –something like red bean paste. The picture in the menu showed the zenzai with 2 white marshmallows lookalike thingy, and to ensure the authenticity of the menu , Chunny was kind enough to dig deep into the bowl and provide evidence that  that there were these 2 white thingy ( glutinous balls kinda texture)  for the photo shoot. This is just like regular red bean paste.The bill came to RM46.20, green tea was free and there was 10% service charge to the bill. Overall , and enjoyable meal. ( when we were leaving , we saw the tables on the other size of the shop tagged as C2A, C3A our table was C one A and not CIA lah..)

NB: Nikon Kai  seemed to be popular among the residents around this area , in order to avoid disappointments, please make reservations.


Business hours : Open daily:  12:00pm – 3:00pm ; 6:00pm – 10:00 pm, 4-2 Jalan Telok Gadong,

Off Jalan Klang Lama,

Batu 3 1/2 , 58100 KL

Tel :  79823668

Location : Nihon Kai is not facing the main road , from Old Klang Road  before the turning into Jalan Desa , the landmark is the Shell station, turn left into the road before Shell , drive on and you will see Nihon Kai at the end of the shoplot.

  1. Sumptuous® says:

    Wah.. since when you start appreciating Japanese? Friend’s outlet but have yet to blog about it after visiting numerous times. Pictures still sitting in its folder! Friend wor.. “ride aeroplane” as they say..!!

  2. pegasuskl says:

    wahhh…if i had known this is your friend’s outlet, i would have invited you too that maybe can get a free meal lorrr..

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