Restoran Overseas Dian Xin 海外天點心屋@ Seri Petaling

Posted: March 13, 2011 in @Seri Petaling
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S got a big fat juicy bonus and gave me treat (no, I didn’t beg, honest !).That’s what friends are for, to share your joys, pains and bonuses. If you received a bonus and would like to share your joy with someone, you know who to call. 🙂

We stepped into Restoran Overseas at around noon , the place was packed, lucky for us there was an empty small table beside the counter which could fit the two of us snugly.

 We ordered …

Crispy meat puff / Ham sui kok 咸水角(RM6.30), having mediocre experiences with ham sui kok so far , I didn’t expect too much from this but hey, this was not bad worr . The filing was tasty with Chinese sausage kind of a flavour. Me likeyyy. Char siu pau (baked bbq pork bun)  RM5.00– nice fluffy skin with tasty bbq pork filings  –the filing was not overly sweet . Good pau !Pan fried meat dumpling (RM6.30) 香煎锅贴饺– the dumpling was stuffed with vegetable and meat.The skin is kinda thick as per usual for fried dumplings  but it kinda worked. Not bad too. Pan fried raddish cake (RM5.50) – I find this a bit floury and not very outstanding. Maybe should have ordered the stir fried version instead to hide that floury flavour.Lotus Sesame balls 蓮 蓉芝麻枣(RM5.00) – the  bean paste filing was smooth and not too sweet. The outer -sesame laden skin was springy with a bit of a bite. I liked this.Overall, an enjoyable meal. Thanks S and may you have many more big juicy bonuses ! haliluyaaahhhhhhh

 Restoran Overseas Dian Xin

67, Jalan 1/149J, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,

67000 KL

Tel: 90589922

Business hours:  7 am – 4pm

  1. Sumptuous® says:

    Where are the prawn & pork dumplings? The loh mai kai is missing too! Not very “dian xin” like except for the fluffy pau! Trying something different eh?

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Aiya Alpha.., i am not a fan of siew mai or lor mai kai mah..what is missing is probably wo-kok ( yam fritters) . When are you getting your big fat bonus ? 😀

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