Next Stop @ IOI Mall, Puchong

Posted: March 6, 2011 in @ Puchong
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It was a day of hectic shopping, I guess shoppaholics might cringe at the use of ‘hectic’ and ‘shopping’ in the same breathe, but shopping can be tedious sometimes..oh, you don’t agree ? oh nevermind lah. You say not tedious, then no lah.

Anyway, after a few hours of tedious shopping, it was time for lunch and we walked with more purpose in search of food.

 Walked passed a few shops..then we saw a bunting displaying a variety of food in the same shop-  that all of us have something that we liked. Meaning western stuff for that fler, noodles for the other  fler and everything in between for yours truly. After taking our seat in Next Stop and a closer scrutiny of the menu, we found that the set menu looked interesting ( and reasonable priced), so everyone had to forfeit their intended meal and  and we did a commune thingy by ordering the value set A – which is for 2-3 pax.Set meal ( 2-3 pax) 29.90++ .which consist of :

1.Pork ribs- choice of following styles : Home style ,  pumpkin or  marmite- but they  ran out of the 1st two, and gave us another option of  sweet and sour chicken, we wanted pork instead of chicken and they said that’s doable.

2. Vegetable  – kailan in oyster sos or kangkong belacan

3. Taufu

4. Soup of the day

5. Rice

After placing our order – we waited and waited and waited, after a long long long wait ….we saw that the people at the table next to us cancelled their meal and the other table beside us were also complaining to the waitress of the long wait , so did the table adjacent to us .  I approached the counter and asked when will the food be served,  and was told that it’s ‘coming soon’ . It took more than 30 mins for the first dish to be served. 

Sweet n sour pork – pretty tasty , the thickness of the batter covering the pork was just right,  not too thick until you feel like chewing on flour rather than meat.Onions, capsicum, tomatoes came with the porkKailan – there were so much sauce over the kailan that I think it would have drown the kailan if they were alive. The sauce was sweetish and artificial, the kailan was rather fibrous and too leafy. Tofu – the sauce was nice, lotsa garlic bits on top of the smooth steamed tofu. Uncomplicated and nice.Soup- nothing to shout about, the soup of the day was the old cucumber soup, but I couldn’t really tell, it taste like the soup that usually come with chicken rice. Call me a purist but i have never come across old cucumber soup served with spring onions and fried onions. Overall, based just on food, can be considered a moderate meal .  Based on service- The long wait is definitely something that the management should look at improving.

  1. Sumptuous® says:

    30mins for a sweet and sour pork?? Phew! maybe they were 1/2 way slaughtering the pig when you placed the order. “No” Next Stop anymore i gather?? Btw, the kailan i stir-fry at home definitely look better, trust me! 😉

  2. pegasuskl says:

    ha..Alpha, yeah was too long a wait for a meal… not that we had ordered any elaborate stuff – and all those were on the menu anyway…Oh..i will reserve my comments about your cooking skillls until i try it out lah :D. Trust U ? susah la, itu macam…

  3. i know this place near new opening and free one night stay

  4. PERVAIZPAUL says:


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