Restaurant Kuan Hwa @ Kuala Selangor and fireflies

Posted: February 20, 2011 in @ Old Klang Road
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After feeding the monkeys of Bukit Melawati, it was our turn to be fed. We headed back to the location where we took the boat to view the eagle feeding and as the sky was not yet dark enough to view the fireflies, we decided to have our dinner first. Restaurant  Kuan Hwa was just a few steps away from the jetty

The restaurant was packed but we were lucky to be seated where we could get a good view of the river.First up… deep fried sotong rings. Sometimes  deep fried sotong rings can be a bit dry and a bit too chewy, happy to report that  the ones at Kuan Hwa were juicy , plump and springy, the batter was thin and didn’t interfere with the sotong. This was nice Fried rice – this was similar to yong chow fried rice or maybe it was indeed yong chow fried rice. The fried rice had the usual ingredients : peas, carrots, corn, egg and quite a large number of prawn too. This was good We had wanted some noodles to go with the dishes and rather than go for plain noodles, we decided to try noodles with crab ( and was told by the waitress that this was RM60/plate) , and that price, we expected the noodles to be saturated with chunks of crab meat- and what arrived was whole crabs with noodles. The noodles had soaked up the sweetness of the crab juice, hmm…niceDeep fried pomfret – apologies,  bad  picture of this dish. This was pretty good, the fine texture of pomphret worked out well after been deep fried. Only complain is that it was slightly over salty .Prawns- these were plainly steamed. Sometimes the simplest thing are the best, no adulteration, no fuss – just good old steamed prawns, so fresh, so succulent, so sweet … A dip was served with the prawn –onion, chili padi and maybe a bit of lime juice – this compliment the prawns rather well, enhancing the sweetness of the prawns. It can be a bit spicy thoughThe new year crowdStir fried yau mak ( vege) with dried prawns- a dish to balance the cholesterol tally /clear the conscience and it did more than that. This was good.Or-chein (oysters omelet ) , more egg and batter than oyster, the batter was kinda too thick too. The ( limited) oysters are imbedded far and in between the thick and tasteless omelet . Nope, we didn’t enjoy this.Crab in salted egg- The crabs were fresh but kinds small and therefore not too meaty . The best thing was –  Oh la la..the gravy, the gravy …. finger licking good… the slightly grainy texture of the gravy,  the aroma of salted egg,– ahh..wonderfulllll

Overall – a good meal , service was quick , food was good and price was reasonable- we paid ~ RM360 for the meal including drinks.

Interestingly the bathroom at Kuan Hwa was way cleaner and smelled better than a particular restaurant that served Buddha Jump over the wall 😉


Restaurant Kuan Hwa

No 1A, Jalan Bagan Sungai Yu, Pasir Penambang

45000 Kuala Selangor

Tel : 32896719

 After the meal, we walked back to the jetty where we were earlier in the day. We dutifully  put on the bright orange life jackets before boarding the boat

 On the boat at night was a different kind of feeling, , speeding thought the water – kinda sinister, kinda dangerous, kinda fast …kinda exciting…

 After about 20 minutes or so, we slow dow , shut down the engine and watch in awe as we saw tiny lights dancing on the mangrove along the riverbanks. ( We were told that these were Berembang trees). The boatman lured the flies to the boat by shining a special torch and it seemed to work as soon there were shrieks and screams as some fire flies came close to the boat, flying above out heads, in front of our face, into our cupped palms…

This was my third trip to Kuala Selangor to watch the kelip-kelip ( fireflies) and there are so much less fireflies now compared to what it was 10 years ago. Back then there will be a large number of trees all glittering and lighted up with the fireflies , now – there are not that many of these living blinking lights . Sad …but it still felt rather magical … drifting on the boat, the blinking lights, the warm air, the aftertaste of salted egg crabs..hmmm… …

  1. peicheng says:

    Hi there, i am peicheng. I am planning to visit kuala selangor next weekends. There are few attractions which i am interested on going, which are eagle feeding, fireflies watching, swallow city, bukit melawati, and kanching waterfall. But i am not sure about how these places apart from each other so it would be abit confuse when i plan the trip. I would spend one night over there and i am looking for advices from you.. hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Pei Cheng, thanks for dropping by. I am not familiar with Kancing waterfalls, i did a websearch /google map- and Kanching waterfalls ( in Rawang) is about 1 hour away from Kuala Selangor.
    The boat for Eagle Feeding and Fireflies depart from the same jetty at Kuala Penambang and this is less than 10 minutes away from Bukit Melawati.
    Aiks, i didn’t know that there is a Swallow City until you mentioned it, this is about 30 minutes away from the Pasir Penambang jetty. ( note : you could also join the fireflies tour from Kampung Kuantan. Pasir Penambang was the option that we chose since we could do the eagle feeding tour here too)
    So, from all this distances- it seemed that only Kanching Waterfalls is the odd one out as the rests are not too far from each other.
    Suggestion : visit Swallow City, then do Eagle Feeding tour ( ~ 4 or 5 pm), go up Bukit Melawati , then go for dinner, then do fire flies tour( ~8:30pm or later). As for Kanching waterfall, you can do that earlier the same day ( depend on how much time you want to spend there) or the next day. have fun ! and do come back and drop me a line after your visit !

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