Ang Pow Craft – Chinese Lantern

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Things To Do
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A friend loan me a book ‘Ang Pow Tanglong 2’, published by One Publisher. This is available at Popular Bookstore for RM18. I decide to save on CNY decoration and try my hands on making my own decoration.

 You will need : 48 angpow packets of the same size, cellophane tape, tassels , scissors , stapler, cardboards ( old greeting cards will do), string/rope  and a bit of patience .


1.Cut cardboards to be able to fit into the angpows . You will need 24 pieces of this.2.Put cardboards into angpows and seal.

3.Tape the angpows vertically  to form the shape as below. The final shape is a hexagon.4.Repeat No.3 with the angpow aligned horizontally 5. Unseal 6 angpows and staple to the hexagon. ( as this will be longer than the sealed angpow, we have created a protruding layer6. Repeat no.5  for the horizontal layer. Below is the end effect.

7. Cut an angpow into 2 , roll each piece to form a hollow cylinder,secure with cellophane tape .  repeat until you have created 24 cylinders.8. Stick a cylinder each to the top and bottom of the vertical hexagon9.Repeat the same to the horizontal layer10. String a rope between the section of the vertical hexagon . If you would like to include a tassel, tie it at the bottom of the hexagon11. Place the horizontal hexagon on top of the vertical hexagon. and secure the rope. You have now in possession  – a beautiful lantern. 12. If you would like a simpler version of the lantern, You could stop after step 4 , apply 6  cylinders to the edges of the horizontal layer and continue with step 10. for this simpler version you will need  27 angpows. 


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