Tiger Inn and Patong Resort Hotel @Phuket , Thailand

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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Checked into Patong Resort  (website :  http://patongresorthotel.com/) . the first thing I did after entering my room was to devour the complimentary fruits , eh..it was after lunch time and I hadn’t had lunch mahhh… I then start to search for the TV. I  saw a large wooden TV  cabinet . I open the cabinet doors and EKKKKKKkkk where is the TV ? No TV ? huh ? this couldn’t be happening – what kind of hotel is this ? so laubeh one mehhhh Then ..errr…I found the TV

I wonder why are they still keeping the cabinet in the room and at such a prominent location too..


Patong is a really happening place, wow ! more about that later !

 We took a walk down the street, stopping at eateries to look at the menu and the seafood on display. Mr Leader seemed to be not too keen with the simple common eating  area concept , well, as for us, the person who pays get the say. Finally after walking for about 15 minutes, Mr Leader seemed to have found a restaurant that met his criteria.

Tiger Inn has an interesting setting, it was like stepping into Wonderland, the setting had a jungle theme complete with tree trunks that came with human faces, elephants etc, well, this must be working as the place was brimming with diners.Before we even had time to open the menu,  someone had already called for Singha ( beer)What we ate that night :

Beef salad – this was good, the beef slices were  tender and tasty.i didn’t get a second helping. Gosh..these people must be hungry

Grilled squid – the aroma of  the squid cooked over grill was not present and  this was a bit chewy as well,  this was just ok lahTiger Inn salad- Special salad with mussels (250 Baht)  they got to the mussels before I did, so, I just got a taste of the salad san mussels, salad was good and I was rather busy looking out for the chili padi  in the dishFish with salad – the steamed fish was fresh and meaty but overall  I find the taste a bit bland Stir fried Chicken with cashew nuts (170 B) – the other version is with prawns. This was not bad, we had to fight over the cashew nuts though Tom Yam Khung- as this came in individual bowls, I opted out as 1) my tolerance to spiciness is a disgrace 2) I limit my intake of prawns. My colleague let me have a sip of her soup after assuring me that it wasn’t very spicy. This tasted good, not too sour, not too spicy – a rather toned down tom yam – a tourist friendly tom yam. Oh and there were a lot of ‘khung’ ( prawns) in the soup too.Grilled duck breast with coconut curry (200B) – when the dish arrived we didn’t know what it was, some even thought it was pork after tasting it. The duck meat was soft and didn’t have that ducky-ish taste. I hadn’t ate duck cooked this way before , This was nice

Green curry with chicken – (180B) . Green curry has such a unique taste, don’t cha think ? The gravy was  very  rich . Nice.I had to visit the ladies and saw this sign  Overall, a good meal, nice environment. We were happy with the food but not  too happy with  the live band, it started off really slow ( read : sleepy ) and got even slower when the singers took a break and we were left with the saxophonist belting even more sleep induced melodies. Luckily the tempo picked up after this and  we got out of our stupor..


Tiger Inn main business seemed to be accommodation rather than food , please visit their website www.tigerinnpatong.com

 Location :

Tiger Inn, 140 Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Rd., Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket, 83150, Thailand.
Tel: +66 (0) 76 340 959, +66 (0) 76 340 877 Fax: +66(0) 76 340 045

  1. sumptuous® says:

    Box TV is a…. well, history my friend..! The next time you check into a hotel, look out for LED’s or at least a LCD on the wall, otherwise, please check out quick quick coz the hotel is really “laubeh”!! Enjoy Phuket Peg!

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Ya laa…how i know la. my home still the laubeh tv mah. and u know what, the others in my group had the same ‘problem’- they couldn’t find the TV too..i guess birds of a feather flock together lor..the laubeh people attract laubeh people ! Gong Xi Fa Chai – Alpha !

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