Uncle R Original Charcoal BBQ @ Sri Petaling

Posted: January 23, 2011 in @Seri Petaling
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I was given the assignment to decide on a makan place. Aiya….first I had to decide on the type of meal, umm.. maybe will go for western food, and as for location –I think I have exhausted the eateries around Kuchai Lama and it’s time to look for a change in venue, Sri Petaling seemed a good place to start ! That was how we ended up at Uncle R original Charcoal BBQ…

We studied the menu, the prices seemed reasonable   – grilled BBQ chicken for RM9.90, charcoal grilled BBQ lamb RM15.90 ( regular) &RM24.90 ( L), grilled salmon / cod RM20.90, mixed grilled chicken + lamb +beef  RM18.90 ( R) & RM25.90 (L), chicken combo ( with fried rice and fried egg) RM12.90 and the lamb combo RM15.90.

 We were a bit undecided on what to have for our dinner until we saw the promotional item : Christmas set lunch /dinner ( yes, I am so behind in my postings) @RM26nett. Did some quick math , the regular sized mixed grilled was priced at RM18.90 and fresh fruit juices at RM3.90, that’s already RM23, and got soup worrrr, ice cream worrr..aiyaaa…sure can finish one lah, why worry, we eat slowly slowly lorrr..Business was good that night, we saw a group of about 15 pax , and some smaller groups of fours and twos. The charcoal grilled pit was in front of the shop, we saw slabs of meat grilling over the fire and Uncle R ( Ronnie) himself was manning the grill. For drinks we had kedondong..hmm…nice. Apart from fruit juices , cincau, soya bean , beers and guiness are also availableThe garlic bread – this arrived at our table not warmed, so it was kinda hard and stale-ish. Mushroom soup – normal lah ..

The mixed grilled- the grilled beef was good, the meat was tender . I worry when I order lamb for sometimes this can be a bit ‘sou’ which is a put –off for me, luckily ,  this particular one didn’t have that undesireable taste , the soft ribs were cooked just right, not over dried but still retaining  the succulent texture and the surprise was the chicken, well marinated  and blended in well with the black pepper-ish sauce.Our dessert – Ice cream with wafer, checked the menu – this cost RM3.90

When the crowd thinned ,  Uncle R came to our table for a chat and apologized  for our wait for our meal and explained that due to the charcoal grill, the meal couldn’t be hurried. He also showed us the photos of classmate gatherings as well as the patrons of the shop which were on display at a corner of the shop.

Overall , a pretty ok meal.


Location : 49, Jalan Radin Anum Satu, Sri Petaling, 57000 KL,

Tel : 90563114

Uncle R is closed on Tuesday

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