Of petrol, fortified rice and Krua Thai Davao@ Davao, Philippines

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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First of all, happy new year ! The winner for the most outstanding sms greeting goes to J for sending this ‘may the fleas of a thousand camels infest the arse of the person who tries to F***up your year and may their arms grow too short to scratch it’.

Back to Phils…..where I don’t think we need to worry about camels..

Just for comparison, the petrol prices in Davao at the time of my visit are shown below , which convert to approximately RM2.65 ( ultra diesel ) , 2.89 ( Premium diesel) , 3.30 ( super unleaded)  and 3.35 ( super premium) respectively. I hope the Malaysian petrol scenario will not be heading towards this or i might have to look at getting a camel..One other thing I noticed is that at one of the hotel we stayed,   they served iron fortified rice, when I checked with my Filipino host, he mentioned that  iron deficiency anemia (IDA) is a serious public health problem in the Philippines therefore fortifying rice offers a great opportunity to control IDA. The rice didn’t look or taste different from the regular rice  and I am glad to know that the garlic fried rice I had for breakfast was laden with iron.

That night, D decide that we try out the Thai food restaurant , we headed to Krua Thai Davao. The place was cozy and the decorations were nice, lots of wood were used for the decor, Thai flavoured artifacts ( some Vietnamese water puppets, African art as well)  , staff clad in Thai silk etc etc

We had Tom Yam Khung ( prawn tomyam) which everyone at the table  found to be very salty. We asked the waiter to take this to the kitchen  to make it less salty, the soup came back less salty and more enjoyableChicken curry- this wasn’t spicy and not overly rich. umm..doesn’t taste too much like the lemak variety.Fried squid – this was the best dish for the night. The squid were chewy but not tough and were rather fresh.The batter weren’t thick, just a nice thin cover and didn’t get into the way of the squid. Nice Fried rice – I am not too sure what did we order, this taste like the yong chow fried rice I get back in KL, this was ok.Pad Thai– I found this overly sweet and too much of crushed peanuts. I didn’t do any refills of this.Prawns – sorry, I didn’t try this so can’t comment and as this was gone in a few minutes, I guess that was a good indication that my fellow diners enjoyed this.

Mixed platter – this include chicken, deep fried fish, vegetable and one other which I didn’t get to try. This was just ok for me.. I find the Thai food served at Krua Thai a bit different from the Thai food I get back in Malaysia or in Thailand, the dishes weren’t as spicy and the overall taste were not as sharp /strong –maybe customized to suit the Filipino palate ? Reading some other the other blogs , I find that most if not all comments for Krua Thai were good so maybe it’s just me…


Krua Thai Davao

F. Torres St., Davao City

Tel. No. (082) 228 6182


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