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On our drive from Gensan back to Davao, we took a break at the Cliff Hanger Restaurant  and Cafe . We got a great view of the valley below and also caught a glimpse of Mt Apo (at 2,954 metres, this is the  highest mountain  in Phils) amidst the clouds.

I guess we are at a pretty high altitude,it was nice and cool at the cafe. The guys had hot drinks while the Malaysian had an ice cream ( i got some weird stares from B) . We also ordered some crunchy titbits and biscuits from the display cabinet. By the time we reached Davao it was already dinner time. We went uphill,  a bit of a windy quiet road and then after a few turns, we arrived at a open area and it felt kinda festive, with colourful lights,  a lit Christmas tree , Christmas banners and decos.This is Jack’s Ridge.  The little roundabout with DAVAO made up from things that the city is  famous for  – and D is for Durian..

While waiting got T to park the car, we wandered about

There was a plaque that tells the significance / history of Jack’s Ridge- The land on which Jack’s Ridge now stand once formed part of the headquarter of the retreating Japanese forces towards the end of the World War II. The Americans had landed in Davao on May 1, 1945, forcing the Japanese to beat a path to Matina Hills where they had a commanding view of the Davao Gulf where the American ships were anchored. Fierce fighting soon erupted between the two forces, and as history shown us, the Japanese lost.
Today, more than half a century later, Jack’s Ridge is filled with reminders of its historic past. Caves dug by the Japanese pockmark the area, and once in a while people still find bullets and other war materials in the rocky soil. There is also talk that hidden somewhere in the caved are gold bullions and other treasure that the Japanese had taken from other countries and brought to Davao.

Whatever the truth is about the treasure, Jack’s Ridge maintains the feature that made it an important outpost for the retreating Japanese forces, a commanding view of Davao City and the Gulf, the same view within the premises is also refreshing, since the owner has made its mission to preserve the natural beauty of the place.
Jack’s Ridge was built to offer a completely new experience to dinners, and its not over yet, more development are under way to make it the premier dining resort in Davao City.
Indeed, Jack’s Ridge is making it’s own mark in Davao City’s History.

At Jack’s Ridge, you can get a good view of Davao city and also the gulf ( not to mention the memorial park) . Pix below show some unidentifiable objects captured on film  from the Memorial park There were some collection of big clams at one corner and a plaque that read – ‘Unbelievable as it may seem , the land you are standing on was under the sea millions of years ago . These taklobo shells right here at Jack Ridge are silent witness to Davao’s watery past.’ Wow, it was hard to imagine, we see Davao city below our feet and now they tell us this was under the sea ? Wow… ( at the right corner in the background, you can see the amphitheatre )

There were some  bronze statuettes at another corner under a ‘Lumad’ plaque ,  I was told they  depict the different tribes in Mindanao.We headed towards Taklobo Restaurant. This seemed to be a rather happening place, big crowd, filled with happy noisy people, great view  and the smell of food..Hmm…

We had rice

We had Panga ng bariles (grilled tuna jaw), and B tried to impressed upon me that if the jaw of the fish is so big, can you imagine how big is the fish ? well, must be rather big guarr. Yummm

Sinigang na Hipon ( shrimp in sour soup) – The flavour of sinigang can be from  tamarind ( asam) , green mangoes, pineapple  or those small sour-like-hell small belimbing ( called bilimbi / kamias in Phils), The sinigang can also be made with pork or beef. The soup was clear and quite sour ,  good soup to go with rice Mixed vegetables – long bean, bitterguord ( which interestingly wasn’t that bitter) , brinjal etc
While we were enjoying our meal, the table beside ours were serenaded by 3 singers complete with instruments. As D just celebrated his birthday a few days ago, we ask them to stop at our table to croon a birthday song and this was followed by 2 other songs.

Tiyan ng Bariles (grilled tuna belly) – this was oh-la-la wonderful ! At the same time soft, smooth , rich and yummy . I had this guilt feeling when eating this, anything that taste good must surely be not too healthy – you know, like deep fried food, ice cream, opium , chocolates …We asked for the dessert menu – B had coffee creme brulee ( D acted a bit juvenile and asked for a ‘bruce lee’ from the waiter ) while D and myself ordered a mango something. The mango in the mango something was rather sour and I had to remove the mango to be able to enjoy this dessert la, I wonder was this sour mango intentional ?Overall , an enjoyable meal. The menu is available here

After the meal, to wind down , we walked down the stairs ( too many steps)  to Kai’s bar and grill. It was a Friday and the live band was playing

B and myself had San Mig while D and T went for the heavier stuff.

The band did their thing and also accept song request from the crowd. We got them to sing a birthday song for D ( another one !) and later a note on a tissue from B  to request D to jam with the band. I knew that D was a good singer so it was no surprise that he wowed the crowd with not just his singing but his charm.  Then later in the night another note got to the stage for B to go on stage. And when B started to sing  I think I almost swoon ! I didn’t expect this –he was so good ! I think I would forfeit the grilled tuna belly any time for this ! For the record, the applause for D or B was way louder  than that for the band, so there !

     What a wonderful way to end the night…

And just in case there are some of your that are wondering about the unidentifiable objects in one of the pixs above, it was just a matter of bad photography !

Jack’s Ridge Resort and Restaurant Corp.
Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City 8000

Telephone: 63.82.2978830 to 31