Ze Zorb and Ze Zipline @ Davao , Philippines

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Sights
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These fellas had been talking about the Zipline since last night , while this blur blur Malaysian does not know what this is all about and they only thing i got from them  was ‘ We will do the Zipline’ . Well, ok lor, if you insist.

We were on our way towards the Crocodile Farm and  then I spotted ze big ball . I have seen these on TV where people get into this gigantic ball ( Zorb) thingy and then roll downhill and sometimes it involve unprocessed /semi processed /processed  food escaping from your system. Sounds like fun ? B suggested we check it out and walk towards the counter, while I lagged behind  (short of pulling at his shirt- that is, well, we have to be maintain some professionalism even in times of crisis) asking ‘Are you sure about this ?’ But he had this determined look on his face,so…..

I guess it was a go, as B took out his wallet and counted some pesos. We were then asked to sign a waiver form –no, I didn’t read the fine print ( I hope B did) , but guess this must be something to do with not suing them if I break my back or lose my sanity etc

You squeeze/get into the ball head first and then the staff will strap/Velcro you up .Oh, before entering the Zorb please remove glasses, shoes, watches etc. The Zorb is meant for 2 /ride , so after B got strapped in , it was my turn to get in and get secured. As B  could be Phils next singing sensation , it was best to mask his identity with the customary pumpkin, picture below showing a Velcro-ed B inside the ZorbAfter ensuring that both of us brave souls were securely fastened,  the staff got out of the Zorb. I told B that I had watermelon juice for breakfast and he  made me promise  not to throw up on him and vice versa .We took a deep breath and then the world turned topsy turvy as the Zorb rolled down the slope. Saw bits of the blue blue sky, grass, blue blue sky, grass, blue blue sky, grass, i felt like the ball was bouncing in midair . I don’t think we screamed but I remember both of us laughing  ( or was it the other way around, I tend to be a bit braver on paper) after we got over the uncertainty of what to expect – and started to enjoy the sensation of bouncing  and going upside down,  round and round. And in no time, it was over ! We got out of the Zorb- legs first,  a bit tipsy after the ordeal, no broken bones and all smiles.   Great !I didn’t get to take too many pictures of our zorbing fun-  you can get a clearer picture of the zorbing experience from this blog http://www.adaphobic.com/zorbing-at-zorb-park-davao/

This Zorb Park is located at Riverfront Corporate City, Diversion Road, Maa, Davao City. Zorb . The ride costs 200 Peso ( ~ a bit less than RM16). I found out that Zorbing is also available in Malaysia at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) , please click here for more details.

Next , we went hunting for the place where we can try out the zipline – which is something like a flying fox thingy.We were filled with ethusiasm from the zorb exhilarating experience and charged with adrenalin.  Then we saw the big signboard at the road side for Zipcity and stopped.It was a nice and sunny day, good day for flying through the air.

After paying for the tickets – 300 Pesos /pax ( ~ RM24) , the staff helped us to put on a  harness and then gave each of us a safety helmet. Pix below, B (sorry, again with a pumpkin, although it is passed halloween) getting help to strap on the harness. Then we were asked to climb up the steel tower , I can’t remember how many flight of stairs were there but just that it went on and on and  with each ascend my knees got weaker. J and I keep on asking B, why is he making us do this. J was the first to go and after stepping off the tower , he  waved back at us as he flew through the air.

And then ….it was my turn. I start to get a bit panicky as I could not understand what they were saying as the staff were giving the  instructions in Tagalog. Luckily they switch to English after B asked them to. (FYI : Takut has the same meaning in Malay and Tagalog)  It was a weird feeling, at the edge of the step, nothing in front of you, 120 feet of foliage below your feet and your lifeline is this harness and the cable. I was asked to relax and then I took a deep breath and stepped off the tower. WhhhhhEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, it was a great adrenalin rushhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It took a few seconds  to get over the fearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, then I gained the confidence that the harness and the cable is strong and safe , this is when  I started to enjoy the view as I whisked through the air..Whhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. ( and at the back of my mind I was a bit worried that if my shoes came off, I probably will not get them back ).  Great Great Great funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Pic below is the valley that one will fly through  plus  a view of Davao Gulf and Mount Apo

After all 3 of us completed the superman stunt, we were transported by a van back to where we started and collect our bags and stuff – all 3 of us were still flushed and gushing with excitement .

Later, I found out that Zipcity is actually one of the slower and shorter (320m of cable ) Zipline in Davao, Wow…i think we should plan to  try the Xcelerator zipline when I visit Davao next time. This is said  to be the longest and fastest zipline in Asia- 200 feet high and 1 km length. Sounds like great great fun!

Click here for Zipcity website

There are some good pictures from this blog   – http://www.claireraborar.com/travel/davao-zip-lining-at-zip-city-hilltop/

Thanks B for these unforgetable experiences!!

  1. Sumptuous says:

    Glad that you are still alive peg!

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Mabuhey Alpha, the Zorb and Zipline were very safe lah, still in one piece and ready for the next meal !

  3. Ada says:

    Hey Thanks for the link to my blog. I found your blog through pingbacks 😀 Are you Filipino or Malaysian?

  4. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Ada, I am Malaysian. The pictures you have on your blog about the Zorb Park were great- i could almost re-live the zorbing experience ! 😀

  5. zorbing says:

    zorbing ball and zorbing for sale zorb also called zorbing

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