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We had a visitor at the office (read : free food) who required halal food, I have checked with PW a few days before on  where can we find halal restaurant around Butterworth area and she recommended Pen Mutiara

Pen Mutiara was not that difficult to find  and the main hurdle was actually finding a parking space. After circling the area twice we managed to spot a Proton with the gostan light on and we patiently waited for the car to back out of the precious parking space and made it our own.

Pen Mutiara was crowded ! We tried to  intimidate / coaxed  the waiter to allow us to have our meals upstairs ( air –conditioned ) but as we failed to meet the criteria ( min 10 pax ) we had to take our place at the ground floor and make do with the kipas

For drinks all four of us decide to try the recommended Limau with asam boi (lime with preserved lime), RM1.50 /glass , but doing some quick math , it was more worthwhile to order by the jug (RM8/jug) and this was a good decision as we get our refills too. (I think we got about 7 glass out of the jug). And the drink was good, refreshing with a bit of a tanginess from the lime, excellent for a hot day.

We have to have rice (RM1.50/pax )

Telur dadar (RM6) –fluffy and nice.

Claypot curry ikan bawal ( pompret) ( RM5/pc of ikan) – this came in a big claypot swimming with lady fingers , tomatoes and slices of ikan bawal, the curry looked kinda hot but wasn’t too spicy. The fish was very fresh. Nice.

 Kailan with salted fish (RM14) , couldn’t really spot the salted fish ( although when I saw the picture taken of this dish (below) the big piece of fish bone seemed to be evidence) but the characteristic fragrant of salted fish was prominent. The kailan were fresh and crunchy. This was good

Chicken paprika (RM16) – . Initially we thought the waiter had delivered the wrong dish –  this dish was a bit confusing, we don’t see chicken we only saw the vegetables ! The chicken pieces ( few and far between) were dwarfed by the long beans, baby corn, cauliflower and carrots. Taste wise, this was a mixture of sweet and spiciness. Average lah

Overall, a fulfiling and enjoyable meal and I think we will be back for more !

 Website :


Location :

No 17 & 19, Jalan Selat

12000 Taman Selat.


04 3101759

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Pen Mutiara has another outlet over at Penang Island

 Batu Maung restaurant
Pen Mutiara Restaurant
Wisma Nelayan
Pelabuhan LKIM Batu Maung
11960 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Tel: 04 626 4615 or 626 1084