Restoran Sepetang 十八丁茶室@ Taman Desa

Posted: November 23, 2010 in @Taman Desa
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Sepetang by day ….

Sepetang kopitiam is my favourite place for breakfast

Pan Mien – yummylicious pan mien  at RM4 / bowl. Smooth noodles and tasty soup. Apart from the usual variety of pan mien ( pinched, cut, fine or not-so-fine noodles ) , yee-mien, mee sua are also available;  for vegetables : you can opt for the sayur manis or the usual choy sum. Also you can choose to have the pork or fish paste base, the fish paste version  is rather fishy ( a bit too fishy for me). The sambal is yumyummy

 Jawa mee (RM4/plate) – I like jawa mee and it is not so common to find Jawa mee in the usual hawker centre around KL ( that is what I think) ,   before Sepetang, I had to get my Jawe mee fix during my trips to Penang. The ones served at Sepetang is reasonably ok, the gravy is creamy and tasty, the deep fried fritters , the soft mushy potatoes…Hor aahh , I like jawa mee

Kolo mee , Hakka mee ( RM4/plate) , the meatballs can be a bit floury , but the noodles, the (colourless) gravy and the tasty minced meat make up for it .

Other things to try :

Nasi lemak and kuihs- I hadn’t tried the nasi lemak but judging from the queue ( which can be very long)  this must be ok guarr..i have tried the kuihs though  – they are pretty ok..

Vegetarian noodles – this is  behind the nasi lemak stall. Good variety of dishes ( try out the sambal petai if you see it, it is  good ) to go with bee-hoon, kuih teow or fat noodles.

NB: apart from the sitting area at the kaki lima ( 5 feet way), in the kopitiam proper, walk to the back of the shop and there are many more tables ( and it’s not as stuffy too) set up at the back of the shop

Sepetang by night


I think the name Sepetang by night is not very accurate as the stall I am referring to is set up outside ( in front) of the kopitiam. This is a one-stall-do-all type of stall, where you can order dishes to go with rice , or stand alone meals like fried noodles, wat tharn hor, sweet and sour pork rice, black pepper beef rice etc etc etc. The menu :


The stall is operated by this chinese guy who does wonders with the wok . The downside is- be prepared to wait for up to 20 – 30 minutes-which is common, My record was  having to wait 45 minutes for a plate of hokkien mee during peak hours. But waiting is interesting as you get to see this guy in action, the frying, the chopping, the washing , the serving, I always watch closely and try to remember what I saw  –hoping to recreate these wonderful dishes back in my kitchen ( oh ya..dream on)

My favourite order from the stall is hokkien mee, fat noodles coated in oily black sauce and with plenty of chue-yau-char ( lard).Oh gawd..i have cravings for this all the time …and the guilt after consuming a plate of this sinfully wonderful noodles,  laden with trans-fat ( this the good or the bad fat ? I forgot) and all things not healthy. they keep on telling us on tv ..i am worth it

Char koay teowLocation :

Locate the main road of Taman Desa – Jalan Desa Utama,  travel until you see TM Point (u shouldn’t miss this – this is a tall building with blue tinted glass panels by the road side),then make a turn into Jalan Desa Bakti. drive around the block and you should see  Restoran Sepetang


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