Pan Mien @ House of Ceggo , Taman Desa

Posted: November 20, 2010 in @Taman Desa
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Pan Mien seemed to be an in thing nowadays, stalls dedicated to selling pan mien has been sprouting ( and some also faced their early demise) in and around KL, we read an article in the papers mentioning Pan Mien at Ceggo and decide to give it a try.

We arrived on a Sunday morning after taichi class.  Cozy reading corners were available, paperbacks, magazines , newspaper and board games were also available on the shelves, kinda make me wonder how does one play board games while slurping steaming pan mien ? One can sit indoors ( air-conditioned) or outdoors ( natural air), the environment was quiet and civilized  i.e. not the regular kopitiam hustle bustle 🙂 .

The writer of the  article was raving about the tomyam noodles, but as it was a bit early to shock my digestive system with this expected-to-be fiery noodles, I opted for the original pan mien –ala dried version : dry Pan Mien, my makan companion opted for the traditional pan mien. Other versions of pan mien available at Ceggo include  : Spinach, pumpkin, tomato , dry curry and the aforementioned tomyam.

We also ordered the special promotion – RM4 for fried dumplings

Traditional Pan Mien (RM5.50)  – noodles were smooth, soup was kinda weak , a bit stingy on the toppings , well- this was  kinda average which I could probably get at a food centre ( more noise pollution, but probably a bit more tasty and maybe costing a bit less)

Dried Pan Mien – the dark sauce was average, taste wise also average .My main concern was the soup. This was served in a container that resemble a teacup and I don’t know about you but I am not used to drinking soup from a teacup and my spoon was too big to go into the teacup orifice to get to the soup, so, it was a big puzzle for me lah. Or maybe I should have asked for a straw ? While eating Ceggo’s pan mien, I start to crave for my regular pan mien supplied by Sepetang Kopitiam ( coming posting)

Deep fried dumpling : a bit too much skin and not enough filing

Overall, based on what we ordered – a so-so experience, but maybe if you do visit , please try out the other pan mien versions offered by Ceggo as when I checked out the other blogs, most of them spoke highly  about Ceggo ! Maybe I was too hung up about my soup in a teacup guarr  😛

Operating hours :

 Location :

15 Plaza Danau 2,

Jalan 5/109F

Taman Danau Desa,

58100 K.L

Tel :  7981 9822


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