Bread Basket @ The Sphere , Bangsar South

Posted: November 7, 2010 in @ Old Klang Road
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C had generously invited me out for tea that Saturday , she has been singing praises about this place like – forever and had just been there again,  a day before our scheduled tea, but when asked if she would like to change the venue, she was pretty adamant that we go to  Bread Basket.

I have never been to Bangsar South (-please click here for the website), the best thing is that parking is free for the first 2 hours,  and on top of that traffic is not too bad. The place was rather quiet for a weekend, maybe it’s still rather new and some of the tenants hadn’t moved in. The other attraction is Carrefour ( it’s no plastic bag day- everyday, so remember to BYO, although at the time of visit, there were paper boxes available for carrying your shopping).

But I digress..

Being the regular, C had the honour of ordering and she chose 3 of her favourite pastries : Curry puff, Pineapple bar and Chicken mushroom pie.

 Other pastries available but not limited to  :  Strudels : tomato  or mushroom ; Puffs: Tuna, Potato, Chicken curry ; Bars : Apple ,Almond ,Custard , Pineapple ; Mini chicken mushroom pie, croissant, chocolate roll

below : chicken curry puff, mini chicken mushroom pie and apple bar

Below : chocolate roll and crossant

below : Tomato strudel, potato puff and mushroom strudle

The chicken curry puffs (RM1.80)  were C’s favourite . they were flaky and crispy,   the filing were not that  spicy and rather tasty. The chicken mushroom pie (RM1.90)  had generous amount of mushroom, taste was reasonable. Of the 3 pastries that we ordered , my favourite was the pineapple bar ( RM2.10) – these had chunky bits of pineapple in it as opposed to pineapple jam, it wasn’t overly sweet. I will have to return to try out the apple and almond bar

 C chose to sit inside the air conditioned shop, which I find to be a bit awkward as this was the only table available inside the shop , and  there were many tables outside – but I guess she enjoyed talking to the guy manning the counter and we got to catch up on the news with the newspapers provided on the racks.

Bread Basket also offers German coffee or a variety of  imported tea ( Earl Grey, Peppermint, English Breakfast , Lemon etc)  for RM3.50


Overall, it was a pleasant visit and the price was rather reasonable comparing to other cafes, the meal cost C – RM11 ( including 1 coffee and 1 tea)  and did I tell me about the 2 hours free parking at Bangsar South ?

BB also do delivery [NB:  there is a minimum order quantity ,  delivery charges are imposed  for areas outside of Bangsar]

 Operating hours Mon – Sat 8.00 am – 10:00pm .Closed on Sun

 Location and contact details :


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