Old Peng Hwa Restaurant舊檳城小食館@ Kuchai Lama

Posted: November 3, 2010 in @ Old Klang Road
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I think it must be some Penang root ( not that I have any) that draws me ( and maybe countless others) to eateries that has a signboard with the word Penang on it. Or maybe it’s just that we associate the name- Penang to good food ?

Anyway, we were driving aimlessly looking for a place to have lunch then saw something that we like, then ohh..can’t find a parking space , so we turned to the next block and eh..saw Old Peng Hwa : all the stars and planets aligned i.e :  there were  parking lots available, the shop sign  had ‘Penang’ on it and we were hungry.

Checked out the menu and asked the waitress ( owner) what is Old Peng Hwa famous for ? the answer :- porridge and  claypot paddy field chicken (paddy field chicken = Frog) . Eel or frog porridge s/m/b costs – RM8.80/17.00/24.00 . The other option is to  order plain porridge ( RM2.50/pot)  and have this with  eel or frog cooked in either ginger or kungpo style. For those that prefer the ‘real’ chicken, this is also available in ginger or kungpo style. One can also have white rice to go with the claypot meals.

Apart from porridge and rice, one can also get Curry mee , prawn mee, koay teow soup or asam laksa at Peng Hwa, these costs RM4.80 / bowl. Any establishment bearing the Penang name should be decent enough to offer lorbak, ah..these are available too at RM7 / order.

 I am not a porridge person – to me porridge is not filling enough and also a strong association of  eating porridge meant being unwell. But since it was the house specialty – I relented. And for that matter – I am not a frog person too and actually did asked for claypot eel but sad to say they did not have eel for that day so ribbittt was destined to be my lunch !

My makan companion ordered asam laksa, ( curry mee was not available on that day) , my makan companion does not like harkou ( prawn paste) and did not put this into a soup ( can’t believed how a asam laksa eater can go without the harkou…I was almost in tears) so, the taste was maybe discounted due to the lack of harkou so I probably couldn’t give an accurate comment about the taste. They were generous with the meaty fish chunks and get an ‘average’ rating base  on the taste of the soup without harkou . Prawn mee seemed to be rather popular here as we saw the neighboring 2 tables had ordered this.


The piping hot plain porridge has landed…first impression –aiyo, so big bowl, how can I finish this worr ? (portion was enough for 2 pax). Like I said, I am not a porridge person , but aiyoo..this porridge..knock me off my socks ! ( not that I was wearing socks or could be easily knocked out by a claypot) this was wonderful porridge..smooth , fine and the combination (subtle)  taste of –ginger, sesame oil and spring onion was so good, I think I won’t mind falling ill if i get to eat  this type of porridge. Papa bear, Mama bear and Baby bear would agree too, as well as that Goldilocks fler Yumyumyum.  

Claypot kungpo frog – you get 1 frog in a pot and mentally I was assembling the pieces back into a whole frog while stirring the claypot … thighs- checked, chest – checked, hind legs – checked . ! I am not a connoisseur of frogs as I do not eat them often but I liked what I tasted, the meat was firm yet tender. The thick gravy was a bit spicy as there were dried chili in it , there were also lotsa spring onions  – tasty


Overall – an enjoyable meal … ribbiittt…ribbittt…

 Biz hours : 9 am – 12 midnight  

( look out for Guardian , Old Peng Hwa is a few shops away)

No 12A(G) Jln 10/116B Kuchai Enterpreneurs Park

Off Jln Kuchai Lama, 58200 KL

Tel 017 4246788


**** Latest update — You probably won’t find this place liao..CLOSED **********


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