New Capital Restaurant @ Sibu, Sarawak

Posted: October 14, 2010 in @ Old Klang Road, @Sarawak
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Greetings from Sibu !  Some renewed focus on East Malaysia ( work la…not holiday ! boss say go, I go lorrr) , hence the recent opportunity to go makan-makan in East Malaysia- which has always been a pleasure.

After a brief discussion with Mr Host and his team,  shaking hands with the higher ups and catching up with some old acquaintances,  , we hopped off to lunch at New Capitol Restaurant, which was only a few steps away from our hotel – TanahMas

What we had for lunch …

Bidin / Midin  – this is a type of fern – which grows in the wild, the fern was stir fried in belacan ( prawn paste) .The ferns were tender , succulent and not a hint of rough fibers, The taste of belacan was very light and one could fully appreaciate the texture  of the Bidin.

Soup – not sure what is soup is called, appearance and viscosity wise- it resemble sharkfin soup minus the sharkfin. Among other ingredients ,there were mushrooms, crabmeat , egg shreds and some pickled vegetable in the soup , I find that the pickled vegetable bits caused a bit of ‘imbalance’ to the otherwise smooth taste.

Pomfret fillet in sweet sauce- I am not a fish person ( I think I mentioned in some past postings that I am the kind that preferred fried kembung fish to those big meaty expensive fish – yeah..such ignorance… ) .back to the fish…the fish meat was filleted , deep fried and served with the ‘original’ frame and bathed in a sweetish sauce. This was beautiful…ahh.. the fish was slightly crispy but although deep fried the freshness and sweetness of the fish can still be savoured. Mr Host dropped so many pieces of the fillet on my plate that it was embarrassing – I appear so greedy  with the many many pieces of the delicious pomfret fillet glistening in brownish sauce piled on my plate. I bowed my head  in shame and greedily empty my plate b 🙂 . The rest of the people at the table had to fight over the cruncy fins and fish head.

Tofu – this was topped with lots and lots of fried onions, deep fried dried prawns , spring onions and thick black sauce.  I wasn’t too keen for the tofu but after one bite..hey, this was delicious ! the crunchy topping ,  the firm tofu and the sauce was a pretty good combination in terms of texture and taste. Yum.

Steamed chicken and roast duck – the chicken was smooth and tender . The particular section of roast duck that was served to us was a bit too bony, weren’t that much meat but still it was tasty nice to chew on.

Mixed fruit platter – the pamelo was perfect – sweet and  tangy  , the pineapply – sweet and juicy, the papaya – sweet and firm. This was a perfect 10 fruit platter

Overall – an enjoyable meal.


 New Capitol Restaurant

46, Jalan Kampung Nyabor , Sibu

Tel : 084 326 066


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